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High In The Arctic Eskimo


High in the Arctic .. .. Eskimo!

This has been posted on almost 70 photography web forums.A

The following links will take you to the actual page(s) Most everything was hand written each time.

 I followed no script per say, but made each post unique in its own special way. The only two “chapters” that were copied & pasted were 

 Pause for polar bears and Iglu description.

I did manage to get banned from at least three or four photo forums, out of the more than 56 different forums I have registered at.  One “Disney” site banned me for spam, I thought educational material was something children would be interested in. I guess I was wrong.   Two of those four forums that banned me, later, reinstated me.  I was wrong about a lot of things. I was also banned for “advertising” or linking back to my home page. some of these Moderators of these web forums are very picky about other peoples work.  Karl Blessing was / is one such individual  I met up with on a forum.  A moderator of the worst type. He constantly followed me and bashed anything and everything I posted. I met one more individual just like that. Mike Jordan. In each case these two totally unrelated people, on different forums took the time and the effort to bash me and insult me non stop. I went to each of their web sites just to see what type of “talent” I was up against that would merit this unprofessional type of behaviour. A photo is worth a thousand words and says much about a person’s skills and talent and knowledge of photography.

NW Photo forum was the last site to ban me for the upheaval that ensued between me and Mike Jordan. I didnt appreciate him calling me a liar and I kept asking about what ? He could or would not provide any words, just more insults, I provided all the necessary proof for everything I was typing. he just could not get over my story and insisted it was a mere fabrication of lies. The more he kept at me the madder I got. It all finally got out of hand and I was banned. The main focus of this was that AFTER I was banned. some one ?? who knows who; attacked one of the servers at start logic.com.. my web host. One of the servers was taken down by a “kiddie script” that was executed on the server platform which resulted in the shutdown of that server and hundreds of web sites went down including mine. The next morning I received a barage of filth in my e-mail with filthy perverted subject lines. During the next week over 50 viruses were sent to my ISP with my e-mail address as the intended victim. It is quite obvious that the person doing this malicious destruction is a “kid” not an adult. too many mistakes were made, that point to the age group of this attacker. A relative of someone on one of the boards? But I bet anything that this person will be caught they left too much evidence and too many mistakes were made. My only hope is that they get the punishment they so richly deserve for their  criminal acts of destruction.

A week or so after this image was created. Jesse was out hunting on the fringes of the ocean ice. An animal was shot, but they could not retrieve it in the water. Jesse use the traditional “Niquist” to attempt to snag the animal which was near by under the water next to the ice. Jesse was pulling on the NIguist and he got it caught on another piece of ice. As he continued to pull on this to attempt to free it. he got his piece of ice he was standing on.. rocking. Oops ! kerplunk ! Jesse fell into the ice water up to his armpits.  Alapa (cold) very cold.. he had a backpack with extra clothes and changed out there and came home wet, tired and fell asleep.