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Today In Point Hope

The septic truck .. .. caught fire!

Eli Booth

Eli Booth is the operator for this truck; He is also a member of the volunteer Fire Dept. Eli is orginally from Kotzebue but has lived in Pt. Hope for many years.  The fire was soon extinguished and the excitement for the day in Pt. Hope was over!!

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The Barge Arrives

Once a year; it is a big deal; when the barge arrives with tons of new supplies for each village;

This is a major happening event.


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Should each be held accountable for slander; liable and the unprofessional manner in which they reported this news event.  The public was furious and more hatred and racist remarks were  the norm, as comments poured in for 8  pages full of pure hatred.

Now the truth is finally out for all to soon hear and see.