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Three New visitors!

Stumbled upon this Blog of ICE ! (chuckle).  It seems that video’s that I placed upon this site & YouTube are a huge success. News is  reaching all over the arctic.

Atkasaq & Point Hope are two of the ‘visitors’ we have had today !! Hooray! it is good to see ‘friends’ again!!

One of the few villages I have never had the chance to visit or live.

The small village of Atkasuq

Point Hope Alaska 99766

Adiga Inupiaq !

Top of the World

Barrow Alaska

Breaking Trail Videos

Here is the first batch of videos created many miles out on the ocean ice.


On the way to work !!

On the way to work !!

Frozen Hair

Frozen Hair

It is very cold out here, work hard, and your going to sweat, the heat is in the tools your using, work hard and you will be quite warm, the heat coming off  my son Marks  head, will cause frost to form all over your head !! – Have a great day! Getting ready to go hunting for food – requires an immense amount of work that most people are totally clueless about. Especially when FLOYD DAVIDSON  attempts to write a photo essay on whaling from inside a pickup truck on land !!  F.D.  continually lies about the Inupiaq way of life and the people involved. He is a discrace in this village for making up bold face lies about people and events that are easily PROVEN FALSE !




This section will be updated and posted as new information becomes available.
Friday Mar 24-09.  For the last two days, we have not been breaking trail due to weather conditions out there.  Too windy & snowy!
Breaking trail is the heart of whaling,  Unless you have a path to transport equipment, that will work quickly (in case of emergency). You will not be able to approach the lead opening – some 10 – 20 miles way out on the frozen ocean ice pack that is locked to land, However the current way out there, can break that ice section, the wind has the same capabilities.
I am going to include more photographs of ‘breaking trail’ to give you a much better perspective of where we are and what we are up against.  Why do we do, what we do ?  What are the reasons ?
for instance, you can easily see in the photographs, smooth ice, and extreme pressure ridges that can rise to 50 feet in some areas,  Why would a captain choose to chop his way through a 20 foot high ridge of ice , when you can go around it to smoother ice?   That doesn’t make too much sense does it ? 
This is a ‘different world’ up here in the farthest regions of the Arctic.  The land of ice – is nice, but it is extremely dangerous.  You best know exactly what your doing out there,  15 miles is a long way to go, and once out there, anything can happen. YOU MUST BE PREPARED and expect it to happen!
Taking the easy way out there, is not safe, it has many drawbacks.  Snaking a trail over all the smooth parts results in a long ride, winding through the snake like trail.   In an emergency, You have to go warp speed to get the hell out of there.  The shortest distance is a straight line,  The safest ice is the thickest ice.  Mark your trail to go through the thickest part of the pressure ridges and your on the safest ice possible, that ice is solid, bunched together, solid.
Smoother ice however, can crack anyplace and seperate. If you are on the wrong side of that ice, that would spell disaster!