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When will Floyd Learn ?
Well over 2,400,000 hits for last month !!   But the funniest thing; I have ever WITNESSED : 

One person – is trying to convince the whole world – I am wrong !!

Yes; One person – who lives in Barrow for just 12 years who  has never been whaling; who has never set foot out on the ocean ice pack, Actually writes photo essays on whaling with no photographs and no experience.


Yep; you guessed it – Floyd Davidson

That is a very impressive list of Visitors

One Hundred Forty Six countries this month!!

We reach throughout the entire GLOBE!! 

Floyd Insists I am wrong; about everything I have typed for over 3 1/2 years time. 

352 visits in 12 days ??

Twenty – Twelve

2012 Dec. 21st. We enter a new ‘age’ that occurs every 26,000 years.

What is going to happen ?? – It is extremly obvious –

The world – will NEVER END.

I have  it on the greatest of AUTHORITY – The world abideth FOREVER !   Those words were spoken and written by the  Creator of ALL THINGS. – HE said it many hundreds of times !!

We have only TWO CHOICES – just two – there is no middle ground.  Either Jesus told the TRUTH at all times OR- He was the biggest liar in all of human history.    Praise God – We have a Creator that cannot possibly ever lie under any circumstances.

That is very reassuring in these difficult times we live in.   The Earth and the fullness therein will abide forever!  That is called a ‘promise’ a statement of fact.

Justification – Sanctification –  Glorification !  DO you know how those words apply to you ??  Do you know what they actually mean ??

Jesus Christ is going to return very shortly – HE PROMISES to come’ as a thief in the night’ (when you least expect it).

Will you be ready ?  

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What is the ‘worlds solution’ to current crisis (ess) ?

The Bailouts are doomed to fail, dont’ count on them.

Obama is not the answer. He is part of the problem, not part of any  solution !

There is only one solution –  that WILL WORK !   – It is a PROMISE !!


It is 100%  mathematically IMPOSSIBLE –  for ‘man’ to have written that BOOK !!

Isn’t that comforting?  Yes it is.. .. to me, it is my most sincere appreciation of Jesus Christ & His Word, which HE wrote, in which HE can’t LIE -ever !!

Jesus Christ is coming very very soon, much sooner than you think, as a ‘theif’ in the night !

Will YOU be ready ?   What will you be doing @ His Return ?  

Jesus Christ cannot possibly LIE,  that is the ONE THING about HIM that he just cannot do.

God is not willing that any should perish, and spend eternity alone, from HIS PRESENCE !

Many people are deceived in thinking that they can just continue with their sinful way of living and God will forgive them.   What is that based on ?  Wishfull thinking ?   It is not based on God’s Word.   Jesus said  He that over comes will I grant to sit on my Throne.

Overcomes what ?    Jesus said, if anyone come after me, let them deny themselves & follow ME.

1st John 1:9  If we confess our sins HE is FAITHFUL to forgive us, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness !     That does not mean to turn around and jump back into the mud and get all dirty all over again. 

2nd Chronicles chapter 7 : 14  If MY PEOPLE (children chosen by God), will humble themselves, and pray, and seek MY FACE, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, .. .. ..


Our land is broken, Our nation is broken, The whole world is an absolute mess !

Jesus Christ will return (as promised) and put a stop to this whole thing, but it is going to get far worse than this.. .. a time of tribulation such as the world has never seen !!

The age of deception is upon us,  falsehoods, The Anti-Christ is about to make his appearance and deceive the whole world !  It is all spelled out in the greatest of details, using the same names as are in the news today.  Israel is the center point of God’s plan.  Watch & learn.

When they say ‘peace & safety’ then sudden destruction shall reign down from the skies. Do you want ALL the details, in very specific easy to understand sentences ?

Matthew chapter 24

Luke chapter 21

Mark chapter 13

Jesus didn’t say things just once.  He constantly repeated these promises !!