Anyone with a ‘childs’ understanding of the bible  is capable of easily discerning the simple words of Jesus Christ !!

No man; knoweth the day or the hour, not even the angels in heaven.”   In other words; this ‘false prophet’ has called Jesus Christ..  a liar!   He knew better, he even spent millions to advertise (what a fool).  The whole world was aware of this false doomsday hoax. Quite revealing indeed.  It has accomplished exactly what Jesus said would happen.    … mockery, slander, insults and jokes..  ‘where is the promise of his coming ?”  It has also established the fact:  This man was wrong – a false prophet in every exacting detail.

Which brings me to this point.   What is the rapture of the church and when will it actually happen??

Jesus explicity said; No man – knoweth the day or hour – keep reading…  …  Matthew chapter 24- Luke chapter 21 & Mark chapter 13. 

YE KNOW THE TIMES & THE SEASONS – when ye see these things happen – look up!! for your redemption draweth nigh.

The rapture of the church does not invole an earthquake!  The bible says so.  It does however involve a Trumpet.

At the sound of the..  ..  .. ‘last trump’…  !

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