The top of the world

Barrow Alaska.. .. is our destination. We are leaving Point Hope, as many families are lately. Our purpose is to display our arts & crafts.  Bracelets, ear-rings, bone masks, Inupiaq Eskimo Dolls. Barrow is the largest of all Eskimo villages, above the arctic circle or in any other area of the state. The population is well over 4,000 residents and the amount of tourisim is much to our way of lifestyle now as the amount that visit Point Hope are minimal.

 Leaving Point Hope

People are preparing the umiaq to leave and the children are all happy about a new trip to a new place called Barrow Alaska – The top of the world – is the lingo of this furthest north village in Alaska. All village or most villages in Alaska were founded by the people of Point Hope Alaska. Greenland was even founded by the same peoples. These nomadic people traveled far and wide and that is the rumor of how the American Indian came to settle in the lower 48 states, the music and the dance are too similiar not to influenced by the people of point hope. Their migratory routes stretch clear down to south america as well.

And the children are all happy !!

The yearly visit of the Barge from Seattle is always a well anticipated event every year. Jesse was afforded the rare opportunity to be invited to the top deck to capture this image of the village from high up in the captains bridge.

Jesse is given a rare opportunity to climb up into the bridge and take the Captains seat, while the Captain creates this image of a happy proud son of mine!  Jesse was the only person in the entire village, given this opportunity. This captain is the one who convinced us to go to Barrow, get up there he said. There are no bracelets in Barrow!!

 Each year the barge people have purchased fossil ivory bracelets from us. They are the ones telling us to get up to barrow with our crafts. Many people after seeing the skill and craftsmanship that these boys are producing are telling them the same .. direction.. GO !! to Barrow !!  and that is our intent at the moment,

  My sons have currently produced over 2,000 fine Ivory / Baleen / fossil bracelets, in just over 4 1/2 years. They are considered the best in  Kotzebue, Point Hope & now finally we have everyone’s attention in Barrow. My sons are the only  carvers in the North Slope  that can make a reversable bracelet with insets on each side of the pieces. Two completly different bracelets in one !!

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