The Youngest Ivory Carver.. ..

Truely the ‘youngest’ person, that we have used in ‘training’ for skills in how to make bracelets and ear-rings has been Clyde Frankson, (chuckle).  Adorable, so full of questions and enjoying some time spent with my sons, in one of their shops here @ our house.  The video is hillarious and watching the priceless expressions of this child !  The file (video) is 1.56 meg, and it is bound to make you laugh with pure enjoyment, witnessing the excitement in this young Inupiat child. The woman that is barely visible in the back ground is Sheila Frankson, along with Susie Frankson & Elizabeth Oviok are playing Yhatsee.

It is very easy to learn the basic skills involved. Even a 4 year old can do it.

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