Time to Play – MONOPOLY !!

We are going to erect 3 new hotels here in Barrow –  !!  Should be open for occupancy in Spring of 2012!

A certain house across from Sam & Lees is going to be purchased – just for one purpose. To evict a certain individual.

No matter where that person moves to in Barrow – we will purchase that property also.  We will make sure this unwanted ARROGANT – lowlife of an individual has no choice – but to leave this village.

Pay backs can be SEVERE !!  (chuckle)  –  I ALWAYS – win !!  BIG !!

MOVING – has to be the worst event – especially when settled in.  There is nothing worse than suddenly finding out. you have only 30 days to be packed and out of  your (temporary) house.

Severe housing shortages exist in ALL villages.  We intend to change all of that !   We have ‘thousands’ of millions to work with – to make sure this dream come TRUE.  

We will post images (lots of them)  JUST TO PROVE A POINT !!

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