Two nights in a row !  The same huge triangle shape was seen low in the sky.   200 feet  over houses in Point Hope.  An image of this ‘craft’ will be posted soon;   As soon as I can find Chester Koonuk.  It stopped over his house;  he came out- looked up, and took a photo with his camera phone.

Excitement is brewing in Point Hope – the village is buzzing with chatter.

This huge craft had many lights that were fireball types.  That is what I am hearing.   I didn’t see it and I am not far from Chesters house. Everyone in the village is on the lookout – wondering what is this ??

The video has been given to the police who have forwarded it to the Air Force!

According to eyewitness;  There was no sound – when Chester came out of his house,  the craft just took off,  quickly up and gone – pfft.

and if any people thinks this is a prank.. just call anyone in Point Hope !!

News of the Arctic – you heard it here first !! (chuckle).

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2 Responses
  1. Nanauq says:

    That’s awesome! Good, im not the only one who sees these crazy things! 🙂

  2. David Eves says:

    Ask anyone in Point Hope ! Make the call and quit posting spam blueflame. I don’t lie – I don’t exageratte – I merely report the truth.