Umiaq flips, – crew tossed into ocean!

That’s the word, we received today from Pt. Hope  (May 8th 08) from one of the whaling crews in the village.  Luke Koonuk’s crew plagued by disasters last year, went on to experience something I have never heard of happening up here before.  The crew was in the umiaq in the frigid water,  a huge piece of ice came up under the umiaq and flipped it over. the whole crew was tossed into the water. Luke lost his umiaq, it sunk.  Everyone was safely saved from this disaster. As more details come in, I shall report the events in a more clear and precise manner.

UPDATE:   5 hunters were thrown into the water, the umiaq sank. nearby boats rushed to rescue everyone with 100% recovery, no one injured.  I have said this statement so many times on all of the 56 different forums, :  “here in the arctic, anything can happen at any time. with very bizzare outcomes !!  this is just another instance of life in the Arctic.. .. High in the Arctic.. .. .. Eskimo !!

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