Recently produced a movie named: History of the Inupiat.

A truely compelling movie that is shocking & sad; to say the least.

I have written extensively about the Inupiat Peoples in Point Hope & Barrow.

 I have no doubt made some mistakes;  but none so severve as this:

I wrote that Point Hope had a population of over 10,000 people BEFORE the Whaling companies arrived and they were reduced to just 190 people. I was wrong. I was shocked to find out the TRUE FIGURES. (gasp).

The coastal villages (8) had a population of over 340,000 and were reduced to 1,200 !!!

For even more shocking facts about this unique culture – be sure to obtain a copy of this movie and DUCK-IN

another movie to clearly show the bizzare method(s) used to discriminate against the Inupiat peoples of Alaska !!

This movie is a MUST to watch!

This movie is a MUST to watch!

A magnificent documentry  by Rachel Naninaaq Edwardson – Director  / Producer


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