Very Sad.. but very TRUE !!

What is wrong with some people (FLOYD DAVIDSON & MIKE JORDAN !!)


I posted a true story – 2 people out of millions accuse me of being a liar !!

Nobody on the North Slope has ever been eaten by a polar bear – were floyds words to me.

Life up here; is exciting as it is – you do not have to make up stories that are not true.

.. and a person actually called me a LIAR !! TISK TISK

Yes 30 pounds of charles was eaten !

 It seems very obvious that Floyd Davidson & Mike Jordan do not have the guts to apologize for calling me a liar.  THEY ARE QUICK to lash out.  But too much of a coward to admit ‘they were wrong !!

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3 Responses
  1. Carla Nukapigak says:

    I know who is Carl Stalker. I never met him before, but he’s my dad and I’m proud to call him my dad because he saved me and my mom’s life. I was the unborn child during that time.

  2. David Eves says:

    Carla; I knew your Dad; quite well, He was my closest friend in Point Lay.

  3. […] claim – Carl Stalker in Point Lay did not get eaten by a polar bear – I POSTED THE NEWSPAPER article to PROVE IT.   WHAT HAVE YOU POSTED FLOYD ??  nothing but lies and narcisitic ramblings […]