What do you ? Want to learn? – TODAY !

YOU  - own the patent and copyright!
YOU – own the patent and copyright!


Soon, students in all the villages on the North Slope will – ‘ learn how to create’ !!

This  face required the use of  one cube, one sphere, one elipse and one rectangle.

Created in 3D Studio Max

Created in 3D Studio Max

Once students learn how easy this is to create, you will never be bored again.  3D Studio Max is addicting, once you enter this incredible world – your hooked !!

Attending a weekend course to learn 3D Studio Max  = 2 – 5 thousand dollars, just for 3 days of instruction !!  We can teach you how easy this program is.  We have 15 years experience living inside of this program.

Our virtual desk

Our virtual desk

Created in 3D Studio Max – the only thing real about this computer generated image are the books !  We personally own all of those books, plus 150 more.  This is how we learned – by living inside these books for over a decade!  The total cost ?  Over $7,000 in books.  Now we can teach you how easy it is to learn 3D Studio Max.  No one on the entire north slope of Alaska has the knowledge to teach this program – except  – MAJIK  –  IMAJE !!

The time to create an Inupiaq Hunting game – rich in lifestyle / culture & traditions is NOW !!

We need – 10 students from each of the villages of the NSB to volunteer to create this much anticipated game. The whole world wants this game.  Students that create this game – THEY WILL OWN the patent(s) and copyright(s),  We want nothing ourselves – We just want to share our knowledge so you can learn – How to create !!

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