Why are people still killing polar Bears ?

This question was in a search form on my blog. 

Where do you people get this idea that we go around killing polar bears ??? DOH !! They are protected animals for many years. WE do not hunt the polar bears. !!

If by chance one – comes into a village – Every possible effort is taken to get that bear out of town and back to the ocean ice.   We do not kill them !!

The population has doubled over the last 25 years.. Quit believing the lying MAIN STREAM MEDIA !

I live in the Arctic for 30 years..  I have yet to see more than a dozen bears in all that time that have been killed !!

90% of the time – it cannot be avoided – as when Charles Stalker III had 50 pounds of his body eaten.. That bear had to be shot !

come on up here and see first hand what is going on and how people are DELIBERATLY   –    LYING

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