YOU.. .. Cannot ‘smoke’ outside !!

A new law. In New York City- YOU cannot smoke outside in public or in the parks or anywhere in New York City!!

Too many people are ‘dying’ from ‘second hand smoke! 50,000 people per year! Wow that is the same number of people that have been dying every year for decades; because of ‘drunk drivers’!!

My four Inupiaq sons- grew up- inside a ‘cloud’ of smoke.  They have never been sick a day in their lives.

alcohol & drunk drivers;  There is no solution – It continues to happen daily – The drunks always seem to survive. Entire families are sometimes wiped out. (1979 Boston Bruins superstar) Crashed into a family of 5 people – while he was driving drunk.  All 5 members of this family died. He went to jail…  for 1 year.

Stop Smoking outside – !!!  ROFLMAO !!  It’s still OK for factories to pollute the air with toxic emmisions.

Move to New York & save the world!!

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