Majik Imaje

Majik Imaje went live on line in 2000.  Our Fine Art Gallery opened in June of 2002.  The response from the tourists and the local people was far greater than anything I had ever expected to witness.  Tourists from more than 33 countries purchased  Posters, Large framed prints – post-cards & Note-cards from us.  Each of the boys took turns working in the store.  Isaiah was the only one who was being personally trained by Allan Lane in how to make Ivory Bracelets with insets.  Isaiah was the first to learn in Anchorage in 2002.  He was fascinated by the new skills he was learning how to acquire;  I’ve never seen him so happy as when he handed me his very first bracelet.  WoW!!


The initials of my four Inupiaq Sons

Jesse was the ‘star’ of the Gallery with all the tourists; his personality was so delightful to listen to and so knowlegeable about any question that was asked; he would point to the appropriate photograph and explain everything in precise detail of that which had learned from growing up surrounded by these same images at home.  Too many tourists would come out  of that gallery in complete amazement at the professional manner in which Jesse presented.  That’s your son ?? People would exclaim ?  How old is he ??  Fifteen years young!!  He got a lot of real world experience which is not taught in high school that summer when he was just a freshman!  It was only because of that one years worth of experience that the Mayor of the City of Barrow handed a store over to Jesse and his brothers in Barrow.  The City had a small store for a few Barrow type tourist products, the typical stuff. Now our photographs were added to that store.  We volunteered our time and efforts for free.  Inturn we got the store rent free, provided we make $$ for the city selling their products.  Every day for two years;  all tourists in Barrow were brought to the store in Barrow  which we managed.  The city was amazed at the revenue we turned in to them daily.   They had other people try in the past to manage this store.  But it was always the same story.  The money was never turned in.


Majik Imaje 420 W. 4th Ave Anchorage

We left Barrow on May 1st of 2010.   We are waiting to re-open Majik  Imaje on a much bigger scale very soon !!

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