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Received a phone call today, from a teacher that works  at the middle school here in Barrow.

Her request was for two ‘ivory’ inset bracelets;

that are going  to be presented to :

It seems her class was chosen and invited to Washington D.C.

To visit the White House & Michelle Obama!

Each bracelet – was signed by the artist as requested.

Khris Eves – Barrow Ak. 2010

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Jane Brower Crew Members

Today I found some interesting photos in my e-mail from Thomas Brower !!  I asked him to send more to post on my blog;  So for your viewing pleasure :  A few more images from fall whaling and a few from spring hunt also.
Jane Brower crew members

Jane Brower crew members

Tom Brower III and Charles Brower

Tom Brower III and Charles Brower

The real makoi boys

The real makoi boys

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Recently produced a movie named: History of the Inupiat.

A truely compelling movie that is shocking & sad; to say the least.

I have written extensively about the Inupiat Peoples in Point Hope & Barrow.

 I have no doubt made some mistakes;  but none so severve as this:

I wrote that Point Hope had a population of over 10,000 people BEFORE the Whaling companies arrived and they were reduced to just 190 people. I was wrong. I was shocked to find out the TRUE FIGURES. (gasp).

The coastal villages (8) had a population of over 340,000 and were reduced to 1,200 !!!

For even more shocking facts about this unique culture – be sure to obtain a copy of this movie and DUCK-IN

another movie to clearly show the bizzare method(s) used to discriminate against the Inupiat peoples of Alaska !!

This movie is a MUST to watch!

This movie is a MUST to watch!

A magnificent documentry  by Rachel Naninaaq Edwardson – Director  / Producer

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