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Another needless death in Barrow !!

How many children have to die.?? .. … .. such needless deaths !!

It is just so sad, when you know people personally, then the next day they are gone, all because they made a stupid wrong decision.. ..” lets steal a honda and go for a ride”…  this ride ended up in the death of a small young boy, that we were trying to get into our shop – to teach him,  to learn how to carve. The boys who provoked him into doing what they wanted. ran and fled the scene when the accident happened. They abandoned him, they were all caught, in jail.  More wasted lives ruined !!!  How many more children have to die ?? how many more children have to end up in jail for the rest of their lives ???  DOESNT ANYONE CARE  ? ? ? ?

It is so sad so see a mother that we know only too well. She has to bury one of her children.  I have been through this too many times.  So sad. AND NO ONE has a clue.. .. of what to do !! 

I have the perfect solution !!