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FINALLY………..My books are Published!……….Three of them  are here!  NOW !!

There will be TWELVE  volumes in the Whole Set !!

The three books,  These books really work; you can turn the pages if you enable Abobe Flash.

Place your mouse to the RIGHT Side of the book or page, Click & Hold – move your mouse to the left.

Living on the Ocean Ice:

People of the Arctic:

Festival / Blanket -Toss:


Each book has 48 fine art images of the highest quality, resolution and outstanding COLOR.

These books come in 5 different sizes !!

5 x 7 – 8.5 x 11 – 11 x 14 – 13 x 19 – 17 x 22 (larger sizes  upon request)  64″ Wide Max.

We also have 8.5 X 11 inch books that contain:  48 images, 120 images or 180 images

All of the “stories” behind all of these images are HERE HERE, HERE,  HERE & HERE !!


Home Sweet Frozen Home for 12 weeks !!

Home Sweet Frozen Home for 12 weeks !!








These are the GREATEST people I have ever met in my life.

These are the GREATEST people I have ever met in my life.



"how high can you fly" ?

“How high can you fly” ? Blanket – Toss is many different things.    Strike a “Pose”.



Point Hope 1940’s

Point Hope – Tikigaq

I was only supposed to be here; for 3 weeks. I left at the end of those 3 short weeks.  30 years later I have quite  a story to tell.  It is truly bizarre, preposterous and adventurous and so much more.  When I first arrived in September of 1981.  This place only had 420 people.  ‘Literally’.. No one else for many hundreds of miles in any direction. Isolated, remote and cut off.  Winter is 9 months long surrounded by ice on all sides in every direction for as far as the eye can see and far beyond that.

Point Hope - Tikigaq


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