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October 27th

Jesse Eves – depositing his ‘breakfast’ – & lunch – into the ocean !!

These waters were very rough – Jesse hasn’t any sea-legs to sustain him during the rock & roll of the ocean !!

Bowhead hunt

Bowhead hunt

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Inupiaq Whale Hunt


Here is the ULTIMATE proof; That Everything I have typed is the truth;  We know these people; We have been living and working with these  exact same people – for years.  My photographs – are strikingly similiar in each and every aspect of what these Barrow Whalers encounter.  My stories match their dialogue;

Floyd Davidson has never been whaling — not once; in all the 12 years of his residence here in Barrow.Three years ago Floyd stumbled on to my work; He was furious! enraged BEYOND CONTROL – His words will be posted here; to display the true character of a PIG.


Saturday 9- 26 – 09  – Fall Whaling began – on the date I originally posted @ Alaska Outdoors Forum !

Jacob Adams; George Adams each received one whale each. Suvlu crew- whale #3  & Edward Itta  for the fourth whale harvested. As info becomes available we will post images

Securing the flippers

Securing the flippers

 Just seconds away from a ‘strike’;  this whale dove- leaving an all too familiar pattern on the waters surface.
Late for the strike

Late for the strike

A day later – the same situation, we missed by two seconds !!
Dive-dive !!
Dive-dive !!

One whale was harvested Sunday – by Harry Browers crew –  Little Kupauq !

MONDAY – too much wind, high seas prevent us from going out !! – ‘stay tuned’ for further developements.

22 whales were harvested in the fall hunt this year.

The youngest ‘captain’ to ever strike and receive a bowhead whale was  NINE YEARS OLD !!

Paul Patkotak was the harpooner – his uncle Qulliuq Pebley is the captain of the Panigeo crew.

What happens to a whale that has been harvested ?  It is cut up and distributed for food !!

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