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Sir Issac Newton :  Perhaps still the greatest Scientist & Mathematician who ever lived –  

Newton began a quest – He was obsessed with discovering the Original Words Used @ Creation !

Read His incredible Story:


Listen to what  HE HAD TO SAY:

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Extraterrestial Message

The “proof”  & assurance you seek is right in front of you !

“Proof Positive”  that  it is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE – for men  to have been the Authors of the Bible.


This “living” book was written outside of our time realm

Genesis 1:1 = Pi to 4  exacting precise decimal points!   =  3.1416

John 1:1 = Log e to 4 exacting precise  decimal points! =  2.7183

The odds of those two verses equaling the precise two numbers used in advanced math is 10 to the 55th power – Which is totally absurd!

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I need YOUR help!

Walk up to any ‘stranger’ on the street.  Say those words… I need your help! for ($), (A job), (A car) etc. You already know what will happen.  They will just walk away. You won’t receive anything.

There is however just one person who will stop &  take the time to listen; and give you exactly what you asked for!

That person’s name is Jesus Christ!  He made many thousands of promises.  Each of them requires you to do something simple.   Believe, Obey,Trust & Spend time with HIM, –  LEARNING… .. His Words.

YOU, have absolutely nothing to loose by sitting @  HIS feet and listening to What HE has to Say!

Don’t put this off.  It is the most important decision you will ever make in your life. For it is that decision which will lead to eternal life (for accepting HIM into your life) or Eternal damnation for refusing  HIS free Gift of Salvation for YOU!

The Choice is all yours to make!  Jesus is about to return very soon.  Keep your eyes on Israel – That is God’s time piece as to the imminent Return of Jesus Christ.   The time is at hand.  It is time to get ready.