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FINALLY………..My books are Published!……….Three of them  are here!  NOW !!

There will be TWELVE  volumes in the Whole Set !!

The three books,  These books really work; you can turn the pages if you enable Abobe Flash.

Place your mouse to the RIGHT Side of the book or page, Click & Hold – move your mouse to the left.

Living on the Ocean Ice:

People of the Arctic:

Festival / Blanket -Toss:


Each book has 48 fine art images of the highest quality, resolution and outstanding COLOR.

These books come in 5 different sizes !!

5 x 7 – 8.5 x 11 – 11 x 14 – 13 x 19 – 17 x 22 (larger sizes  upon request)  64″ Wide Max.

We also have 8.5 X 11 inch books that contain:  48 images, 120 images or 180 images

All of the “stories” behind all of these images are HERE HERE, HERE,  HERE & HERE !!


Home Sweet Frozen Home for 12 weeks !!

Home Sweet Frozen Home for 12 weeks !!








These are the GREATEST people I have ever met in my life.

These are the GREATEST people I have ever met in my life.



"how high can you fly" ?

“How high can you fly” ? Blanket – Toss is many different things.    Strike a “Pose”.



Today in Barrow

In Barrow, Point Hope, and the many other whaling villages of Alaska;  It is time; to begin to break trail for whaling !! One month (at least) of chopping ice by hand for miles to create a smooth wide road to haul all equipment out to the lead – some 7 miles away.  It is a different distance each year.  It is time to find open water and create a road out to that area!!


February 24th of 2011, crews scramble- with much joy, anticipation – of the favorite time of year. I have heard it written that in Barrow – “whaling is a community event”!!  NONSENSE !!  It is not even remotely close to the actual truth. Let me explain fully what is going on.  When ever I post the truth on City Data- my comments are erased; Floyd Davidson fills the posts with meaningless dribble – that is not based on personal experience(s) or any of the well known facts!!  In Barrow Alaska – population of over 2,000 Inupiaq Natives.  37 crews use 8 members .  Simple math = 296 people. A very small fraction of the population. Simple & extremely easy to understand and comprehend!

POINT HOPE  however;  is the exact opposite;  In a village of 700+ Inupiaq residents.. .. Well over 700 of them; are out on that ocean ice. Men – women – children – The Entire Village moves out there!!!  Now for those sincerly lacking understanding – this is what is often referred to as a TRUE:   “COMMUNITY EVENT” !  The only people left in the village; are teachers, a small hand full of workers, the sick & elderly-disabled.  Whaling involes EVERYONE in the entire village!!  Point Hope is the oldest – of ALL villages in Alaska and believe it or not; they are the ONLY village that still adheres to ancient traditions!!

On the Creative Side:  A color posterization or digital painting of sorts of the photograph above.  I am going to teach you how simple this is to accomplish using any photgraph.  It does provide a pleasing ‘other side’ using the wonderful world of COLOR !!


 I will take the necessary time to teach you how simple this is to accomplish. The results can be very dramaticic & surprising indeed!

All it takes, is just a little practice

The sad end of whaling.. ..

Spring whale hunting is over.. this year, for all practical purposes.

Barrow 3 small whales

Time to Look !

Time to Look !

Wainwright – No whales

Pt. Lay – One whale

Point Hope – Two whales    Omnicks & Oktolliks Crews

Those are very sad numbers of actual food for almost 7 thousand people.

Time to Pack .. ..

Time to Pack .. ..

Barrow could have had a much higher success rate, if it were not for people (crews) rushing to the lead with snowmachines and metal boats – just as the whales were coming to the Point, (our location). Seven crews hyjacked our trail, and took over the ice with much clamor and noise making – which scared all the animals away.

Once your crew is setup @ the lead, there are no machines permited this close. walk – keep quiet and no loud noises.

Time to Scat !

Time to Scat !

Waiting & Watching for FOOD!

Waiting & Watching for FOOD!