Point Hope – Qugarauq (whaling Festival)  – Nalauqutaq = BLANKET TOSS

Barrow –  Nalaugutaq  = ( whailng festival / BLANKET TOSS)

June: the dates will be set for whaling festival !!  This is a 3 day event (Point Hope)  Non-stop celebration out in the sun 24 / 7 .  

  Point Hope Date :june 15 – 17th    Barrow Date: June 21 – 27th  

  EVERYONE is welcome to

 Barrow  / Point Hope for these festivities !!

Barrow – Nalakutaq is last week in June 21 – 29th exact dates have not yet been set.

A familiar sign - year after year !

The varied amounts of food here is staggering

How do you cook for over 1000 people ?  People from Japan, France, Russia, and many other places in the lower 48 states attend this festival with great anticipation !!

Flammable fat = food !! Many different varieties of meat from different animals, ducks, and too many fish to mention all of the names