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Every image I posess, on this subject will eventually end up in here. Many THOUSANDS of IMAGES.

Photo above is the actual “AUTHOR” ! 

 Mr.  Mike Jordan, megansmom, Karl Blessing These three individuals and new found friend Floyd Davidson (from Barrow) are four of the most unique people I have ever had the displeasure to meet.,on the internet

When you visit their web site(s)  you can see the “brain power” involved in the work that they actually are proud to display.  These are the ONLY 4 PEOPLE in all of the more than 50 different photo fourms, that have reached out to slap me across the face..  .. .. AND (quickly changed their web sites !) Except Mike Jordan.

Acording to megansmom on City-Data dot com.   I have NO RIGHT to post my images of these people. 

I am also not allowed, to use real peoples names on the internet.  I was banned from City-Data.. check it out and see first hand the totally ridiculous statments made. 

City Data. com  has re-instated my account !  I had done nothing wrong !!


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This is a must to see in action

Photo section: 

  The cliffs of Cape Thompson     –   People of Point Hope

Photos of Life on the Ocean Ice