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So many people have said” this is without a doubt ..  ..

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on a very rare occasion, I was attacked and branded as a “liar”

The coward“.. .. that railed these accusations and insults; would or could not point to one specific instance or sentence or paragraph. His presumptions & moronic assumptions spoke much more of his ignorance & lack of any professionalisim. Futher more he lacks any conscience than to admit he was wrong. People like this “sort” are rare, but not rare enough. I just signed up for another forum and on my first post ( I am unable to post images) and when I spoke of my location, the moderators reply was, your living in fantasy land, I think this is a fairy tale.  Such instances are very rare indeed. People love to see this type of educational material of a life that is shrouded in mystery!

Waiting for a polar bear .. .. with my luck he will approach from behind me

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Why ? did I post it on so many forums ??  Any political candidate, would never just choose one channel  or state to campain.   I have spread the word far and wide about some of the greatest people who need the worlds help.  I have worked very hard to tell the hardships  about some of the greatest people..  ..  ..  . that, I love !!


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Three mindless idiot cowards, that are quick to lash out in such a cruel manner to slap me across the face. This is one of the main reasons I stay up here with such beautiful people.  I have not experienced this type of beligerent attitudes up here ever ! Here I am. @ the end of the fourth whale hunt. I was a ‘boyer’ for the Oktollik crew. Calvin’s crew, Irma n em’s crew.  I had the time of my life out here on the ice. Living out here is the most spectacular event I have ever witnessed in my life. Hundreds of people, hidden in the ice. living, laughing, having fun all day in and day out. And…  .. ‘no one ever complains.’

One person did. @ Northwest photo forum  he insists I stole these images ! furp ! I think he ought to get a refund on his crystal ball. or get a new deck of tarrot cards.  I would love to bring that person out on to the ice, and watch him complain and suffer.  THEN tell me I was never here.  His new buddie Cadman. says this whole thing is just a ‘fraud’ .  It is funny !!  They ban me .. but let the people who kept lashing and bashing me, stay on. despite my repeated pleas to admin to put a stop to this.  The owner of the Brain Dead Brandon Photo bashing club.  said.. I think it is funny, I do not care whether it is true or not !  My stats say something totally different !! 5 people out of millions just had to voice  & display their intelligence level to the world. and as such I only feel compeled to post their names here. The world’s ‘smartest people !! – NOT !!


this is my shares.. . .no thanks I traded them to Joe Oktollik - for a bag of M&M's - peanut of course.

 The main purpose:

Is / was to educate the world as to the plight and needs of the indigenous peoples  to eat, hunt & survive in their traditional manner(s) of not only  The Arctic in Alaska but ALL the peoples that must cling and claim rights to their lifestyle / culture in lands, that are harsh, unpopulated by todays normal standard(s). No one has the right to tell these people.. “you may not eat”

These traditions of knowledge and culture & lifestyle must be studied and observed so that we may learn from their skills which are “many thousands of years old”

.. not a few hundred years of knowledge & history.

How the ancient Inupiat were able to harvest a 100 foot whale with nothing, using nothing, of what is available today, how did they make that rope? for everyone to pull with? Hundreds of people pulling on 100 tons of food. how did they do that ? 2,600 years ago ?

How did they learn the healing hands Inupiaq way of healing anything wrong with the human body. I was very skeptical of healing hands medicine, until it proved to be far superior than anything we know of to date !

“.. ..  this lifestyle & culutre must never perish.” !

So, for the last time, posted here again, in basically the same format but with a little more, er,  much more stories and photographs than all of the other instances of this unique story of “High in the Arctic .. .. Eskimo !!”  I guess I needed this much practice to learn how to write effectively and hopefully  draft up a version that will be used to publish this into a hard cover book, 555 pages –  three inches thick !

… .. David J. Eves !!

HIGH in the arctic.. .. Eskimo !!

 IS NOT ABOUT SPAM  as Karl Blessing insists !

People do not respond to spam by making the thousands of comments  of we want more !!

Karl blessing is the only person on the whole internet that thinks in this manner !!

If any thread on any forum was ever considered a masterpiece, .. .. this is that thread

Point Hope Alaska – Tikigaq – 99766

The oldest, continually inhabited settlement, in all of North America !

Tikigaq     (tick E uk)

Tikigaqmuit =  A person from Point Hope

The green arrow shows the location of the old town site, This village had to be moved in the 1970’s due to flooding, and erosion from the waves during the fierce arctic storms we have here.  You call them hurricanes, we call it, just another day, in the life. From high in the sky comes this image of the village, all Come along for the journey of a lifetimeneatly laid out in a 3/4 of a mile square.  The distance from the old town site to the new village is about 2.5 miles east. The while line behind the village is the snow build up against the snow fence, that shields the village from blowing snow. Before that fence (10 foot tall), was erected, when fierce storms arrived and the massive amounts of snow blowing into the village from the mountains some 80 miles away, would completly bury some homes.  It was not uncommon to hear over the CB radio, .. .. .. “Can someone come and dig us out ?  We have no way to get out of our house !! Forty foot  high drifts would appear in just a few hours, making travel throughout the village, extemly difficult. It’s just another day ! This is one tight knit, team oriented,  community, that works, lives, mourns as ONE.  A few, maps, to better give you a more detailed view of exactly where we are, and our surroundings.  I am originally from Boston Ma.  I came to Alaska the first time, in Dec.of 1976, to work on the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline – (TAPS). I worked on the pipleine for a total of 11 weeks in 77 and two more weeks in the fall of that year.  I fell in love with this most unique state.  I just had to move here, and live here, and in 1981, that became a reality.  The arctic is a place of unique splendor, quiet, the extreme end of the comfort zone.

What is it? about this place, that has kept people living here, for over 3,000 years ? What could possibly be so attractive about this culture lifestyle in such sub zero temperatures. What is the attraction?.  Eye in the sky.

Two of life’s most basic essentials, food & water, fresh water from the kupak river.  A huge assortment of animals migrate past this point since the dawn of time, Walking The lagoon in the back is from over splash of the waves during the ferocious storms, it is salt water.across the ‘land bridge’. these people originaly from upper mongolia traveled, and settled here. Then they branched out going north and some going south, This is how the original first people in Alaska came to settle. Greenland was founded by these very same people(s).  A quiet life, no stress, noise, pollution, hurry hurry, rat race, nope. None of that exists here. A very peaceful laid back lifestyle / culture that depends on each other, As you can easily see, Point Hope is about to become an island, The erosion of the land around the village is rapidly disappearing. The perma frost is causing the tundra to sink, and it is becoming extremly noticable also in certain areas.  The distance from Point Hope to Ada boat is 25 miles. The distance from the village to Cape Thompson is 40 miles. This is the ‘famous’ area of Project Chariot – The firecracker boys. The federal government had a great idea to create a deep water port @ Cape Thompson,  and in all their wisdom and stupidity, 5 nuclear detonations were scheduled to take place, with no warning to the people in the village. This whole project came to an abrupt halt when the residents of the village found out what was about to take place. Howard Rock put a stop to the whole shamefull sneaky Famous landmark of this region is now gone,underhanded tactics of the government.  A special surprise was given to the people of this village, and again, destruction of the land and people was the prime objective.. Nuclear Radio active waste was spread all over this area, then water the whole area to see what effects this radiation would have on the land, people, and animals.  All of the elders, of this village, are gone, dead, from the effects of this very generous experiment. Over 300 people died young from cancer.  The government states that tobacco use is the reason, Total denial of the actual truth. How does one get cancer from tobacco use when they are not around tobacco ?  The animals are infected, the land is infected, the people have died. what is the next step ? Repeat the same; procedure ?  It saddens me to no end, to see what has been thrust upon these people, Ten thousand people,  reduced to just 190 ! Gasp !!  Three hundred people that I was so close to, 300 different people that I would interact with on a daily basis, all gone so suddenly. The image below is very deceptive, it looks as though this graveyard is empty, but there is a good six feet of snow inside, which hides most of the grave sites. The World Famous The results of a govermental experiment !! DEATH !!Whalebone Graveyard, it is the only one in the whole world. Recently this graveyard has had to be expanded at least three times, due to the sudden increase in people dying from ‘cancer’ ! I can’t begin to tell you what is like to walk into a graveyard and know the names of everyone in there. (Sob) so many people, I have known so closely, just suddenly gone, so quickly.

This is such a sad place to visit 300 loved ones like family