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3D Studio Max 



What do you – want  to learn today?


Everyone has a camera; just point & click, and you have an image; In 3d Studio max you can create anything you can’t even see. Unleash your imagination in ways you never thought possible.  Here in our new book section we will take the time to show plainly what  can be accomplished; just by using your imagination!!


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.. ..  and  3D Studio Max – for the ultimate program;  giving you complete control over the creation process !!

Create anything you can imagine !!

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3D Studio Max

My favorite program to create and play with.  >  This is NOT a photograph !

This is a 3D photo-realistick rendering.

This is the camera I use and prefer !
This is the camera I use and prefer !

Anyone is capable of creating an image using a camera, but to create a camera from nothing, that appears to be photo-realistick is a skill that is only gained by much practice.

3D Studio Max is the program used today to produce over 80% of todays games.
Go to Autodesk dot com and download a free 30 day trial !
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