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University of Alaska

Fairbanks… Good Job, nice work. Someone spent the time to download many dozens of images of blanket toss from our blog. ALL of the many hundreds of images of blanket toss  are located here.

If you require high resolution images for printing; to display on college grounds – EVERYTHING IS FREE!

Simply contact me and I will provide a password protected link for the University to access all of our images.

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A  huge hello !!  Welcome.. .. to our web site.  “Our Blog of ICE”.. .. It seems someone sure likes ‘hanging’ around here, viewing blanket toss photographs.   Why not come on up here and enjoy the festivities in person this month ??

Or go here; to view ALL of our photographs.  OR.. .. here  for the whole story.  IN any event; thank you for your unwavering continuted intrest!!  Wanna Chat ?

Why not contace us.. .. you just might win an expense paid trip for free!!

Our #1 Visitor !

The mystery begins.. .. ..

Where do you live ?

Welcome to the Arctic

The second most photographed site in Barrow Alaska @ The Top of the World.

Barrow Alaska

 Paglagivsi = Welcome

Upkeagvik = place where snowyowls were hunted

Be sure to keep your radio tuned to:


KBRW - Top of the World Radio AM & FM

KBRW - Top of the World Radio AM & FM

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