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Rare Photos Of Rarest Whale Giving Birth

First of all. Notice they do not tell truth here.. Rarest whale.. only 400 left !! 

Notice the words these scientists use. or Researcher .. what they didn’t tell you is that a right whale is the exact same thing as a Bowhead !! You can change the whole accurate truth by using or inserting words to make the public think something completly different.

and the bowhead population is not in any danger at all, it is one of the hardiest whale populations in the ocean !!  This is why the International Whaling commission ALLOWS the Inupiaq to continue to harvest a very small quota of these animals yearly.. What I want to know, is how is Japan able to harvest a 1000 whales each year, two years in a row ??


Search & Rescue .. .. ..

In Barrow.. .. was disptached to Point Hope, hundreds of miles away. Apparently the ice had cracked, and broke, many miles, behind the hunters and the camp sites out on the ocean ice. No one was aware. The lead had opened, on the wrong side of the ice, everyone was drifting out to sea, totally unaware that they were now, stranded, no way to get back. The helicopter from Barrow saved the day &  evacuated everyone safely !!

The entire North slope Works together as one. In any emergency or disaster. I have never seen people that get along so well with each other from village to village, The Inupiaq people are the most special caring lovng people I have ever met.  This is the reason that keeps me here living.. .. ..here,

 High in the Arctic with  Eskimo’s. !!