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Climate Change .. ..Update

Thanks to the Paris climate summit;  We have no more worries about climate change, The threat has been diminished.

No more having to hear about the sky falling, polar bears are safe now. the ice will stop melting & the oceans will not rise.

The solution was rather provocative to say the least. All developed civilized countries will now fork over One Hundred Billion Dollars per year to underdeveloped countries. This extortion racket is guaranteed to secure our safety on the planet for decades to come.

We keep hearing that “The science is settled”.. So lets do a simple
scientific experiment that anyone can duplicate and the results are
always the same. The claim: The oceans are rising !
Take any empty glass, or even a bathtub, or a huge oil tank.
FILL IT FULL OF ICE – in fact overfill it. Now Add water until the water is right up to the top of the rim.

Sit back and watch what happens when the ice melts.

OOPS…. the water level in the glass goes down.
The water level in the bath tub does the same thing.
OOPS.. ssshh!!
Teach YOUR children!! How to expose these lies !!

When was the last time your “Coke” or Pepsi glass filled with ice …began to overflow??

Christian ??


Liar – in – CHIEF!


Busted !!

Muslim Socialist!


Obama claims he is a christian; Franklin Graham got hammered for saying he didn’t know. He had to apologize to obama for saying he didn’t know if obama was a christian or not – ONLY GOD KNOWS was his wimpy weak answer.

Well I’ve got news – I know the answer to that simple question, pure plain and simple. I am not afraid of the truth or to scream the truth from the tallest tree tops.

The bible gives us many ‘commands’ and advice to follow. Most people do not realize that the bible was written for ‘children’ to understand.
NO tree can bring forth bad fruit Jesus claimed!! Judge a person by their works (of righteousness) i.e. their fruit.

Obama apologizes 4 times to muslims in Afghanistan because we accidentally burned some paper books.
Christians are being slaughtered; raped, killed and their churches destroyed in Kenya; Syria; Egypt.
Obama is silent.
Marriage is defined by God HIMSELF; One man with One woman for life. Till death do us part. Amen.

Obama has changed that and God HIMSELF proclaims many times “IT IS AN ABOMINATION (obamanation) in HIS SIGHT!

“It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” – Adolf Hitler

Welcome to the New World Order – Heil Obitler !


Obama is the most hostile Anti-Biblical president this country has ever had!!  This dangerous individual is not any christian by any loose sense of the word.


Floyd Davidson lifts his head up high, and says with unmistakeable clarity,  He writes articles for Wiki-pedia.

Now it explains why he is so quick to lie, cheat, and change the facts and distort the TRUTH.

The is exactly the ‘wiki-way’

Here is what a very repsected member of the news media says about Wiki :

It is not only a provider of inaccuracy and bias. It is wholesale purveyor of lies and slander unlike any other the world has ever known.

WIKI – lies & slander still continue !!


They even have a  ‘forum’ with photographs for discussion for “Child Porn”, even though the F.B.I. is investigating them.   READ THE ARTICLE !!