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Twenty – Twelve

2012 Dec. 21st. We enter a new ‘age’ that occurs every 26,000 years.

What is going to happen ?? – It is extremly obvious –

The world – will NEVER END.

I have  it on the greatest of AUTHORITY – The world abideth FOREVER !   Those words were spoken and written by the  Creator of ALL THINGS. – HE said it many hundreds of times !!

We have only TWO CHOICES – just two – there is no middle ground.  Either Jesus told the TRUTH at all times OR- He was the biggest liar in all of human history.    Praise God – We have a Creator that cannot possibly ever lie under any circumstances.

That is very reassuring in these difficult times we live in.   The Earth and the fullness therein will abide forever!  That is called a ‘promise’ a statement of fact.

Justification – Sanctification –  Glorification !  DO you know how those words apply to you ??  Do you know what they actually mean ??

Jesus Christ is going to return very shortly – HE PROMISES to come’ as a thief in the night’ (when you least expect it).

Will you be ready ?  

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Global Warming

Anchorage Alaska has just experienced the COLDEST  summer on record, actually the third coldest summer on record.  This is called global warming !!  The Farmers Almanac says, the opposite is going to happen. cold(er) weather is about the  be the pattern.  Seems like they do not get huge grants to do their research !!

The Earth is the Lords, and the fullness thereof !  Wise words to think about!!