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KBRW – Top of the world Radio !

KBRW is a radio station in Barrow Alaska – Top of the World ‘radio’ !  This much listened to radio station reaches all of the villages and has many varied topics during the days schedule,  The online disc jockey speaks in English for the music portion and other portions such as classified advertising is spoken in english and in Inupiaq, Many different subjects such as subsistence hunting issues, Search & Rescue upates Logo for KBRW  Top of the World Radio - Barrow Alaska 99723are among some of the highlights during the day, during the evening, the ‘birthday hour’ is filled with audience participation, from all the villages in the NSB region. People call in to wish, relatives, friends with a special ‘live’  birthday greeting & message. Lots Top of the world Radioof different ‘arctic’ related topics are discussed, most notable recently was an hour long special, by an important person from the North Slope Borough region was discusing the need for people to quit talking about what happens up here, out on the tundra, They are very concerned that agencies or governmental programs would take .. ..   ..  .. and strip the arctic of its unique, peculiar properties and ‘oddities’, & treasures.


 KOTZ is a radio station in Kotzebue Alaska, just over the Arctic circle


Thanks to the power of the internet, now you can listen to these radio stations and get a better understanding of how life goes on in these villages all throughout the Nana region and the entire North Slope Borough !

Learn the Inupiaq word for the day

Many years ago, on a very popular radio syndicated radio special  PAUL HARVEY spoke a small bit about how Alaska Airlines had to have a ‘training’ program; for ALL  Alaska Airlines personel.

this quick course was to ‘teach’ the proper pronounciation of the word ‘Kotzebue’

Most people prounounce this wrong by saying the word  cots ah boo.  That is wrong and that is not, how the name of this village is correctly pronounced, The correct way to say the name of this village is Kotz E bew.

It may seem a small insignificent error not worth mentioning, but Natives do not like words that are pronounced incorrectly just as it would offend you if your name or location was misspelled or mispronounced.

KBRW - Top of the World Radio AM & FM

KBRW – Top of the World Radio AM & FM