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New Years fireworks in Barrow

New Years fireworks in Barrow

644 Photographs of amazing fireworks are in the process of being uploaded for your viewing pleasure !!

242 photographs of Eskimo Games etc. are also in the process of being prepared to upload into the albums and also on this blog where you can view a most extraordinary display using Pic lens !!

Happy New Year 2009 !

Happy New Year 2009 !


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Whaling Festival Dates !!

Here is the list..  village by village with the dates

Come on up for the time of celectration you will never forget

This year in Barrow there are many festivals, here are some of the photos we created of this much awaited event.

I was very dissappointed in whaling festival here in Barrow, it is tottally unlike the ways and traditions and customs of the Oldest of all villages. Point Hope is twice as old as Barrow perhaps much older but we do know that 3,000 years ago is accepted by the archeologists and geologists and such. There is much speculation that Point Hope is much older than that.  But the point is. the difference between the ways each village celebrates is as different as night and day.

I am currently living in Barrow Alaska since last August 7th.

Here are some photos of whaling festival that was recently held here in town. the temp is 55 degrees. You would never think that, looking at peoples hands, and the wind from the ice, keeps it very cold, even at that temp.

Now fast forward 2008 – Barrow – Whaling Festival !

Barrow does everything ‘different’ from Point Hope.

whaling is different, festivals are different, Point Hope (Tikigaq) is the oldest of all villages and as such they strictly adhere to and employ all the age old traditions that the elders insist upon. Centuries old, Millenia Old traditions, ingrained into their unique lifestyle / culture that must be studied and understood for their wisdom.

Although the temp is 50 above, the wind blowing from the ice, is cold, notice how people are dressed, look at their hands !

Here we are for the first of four festivals held in Barrow this year. These images were created on June 21 of 08.  How hot is it where you live ?  Here in Barrow it is 50 degrees. that sounds very warm but it is very cold. As you view some of these images, you will easily see and discern that people have their hands hidden (for warmth).  The wind is bitting cold, keep your ears covered, ear infections are extremly common here for adults & children alike.  The wind will change many times during the day, Wind is a must to learn and understand here, out in the tundra or on the ocean ice, that wind is the key to survival, Death is what awaits if you ignore the warning signs of wind.  In the village itself, you are protected from the elements of disaster which are significent in other locations, i.e. Ice movement(s), the freezing rain, ice storms, etc.

Each whaling festival, no matter which village, begins with prayer and thanksgiving .  Food & drink is the main course for many hours & hours. Then blanket toos and Eskimo Dance.  the festival day is over and it ends.. except in Point hope. it goes on for 3 days non – stop for all practical purposes. Rosemary Oviok (86 year old elder) says that in the old says. they would stay out there for those 3 days. no matter what the weather, rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, they stayed and gave thanks and celebrated!

Patkotak crew

Handing out food, waiting in line, servers serving the elders first. Coffee,Tea, Hot chocolate is constantly brewed in these two tents that you will see. Hundreds of people are present for the day’s activities,  Barrow has a population of 5k give or take, But in comparision, very few people attend, not quite what I had expected at all to see.  In Point Hope, Everyone shows up. plus visitors from all over the states and all over the world.

 There is a lot going on in this image
The weather will change constantly here in the Arctic. When those flags are not moving, Something is about to change, suddenly, watch, learn !!

There is no wind but it is still cold out

One of the most common indicators of how cold it is outside, look at peoples hands. study the way people are dressed for 50 degrees !   that is very hot for the arctic, with no wind. Once that wind is moving, the chill from the ice, as the wind blows over it, makes it very cold outside.!!!

Lots of fish, Raw frozen fish - good food to make you very warm

Boxes and boxes of frozen fish are brought to the festival site, It took less than two minutes to unload this huge trailer and setup the boxes on the table for everyone to partake of more of themany different  native foods served here today

More fish !!

Tony Bryant (Point Hope) is here in Barrow, asking this young whaler how old he is. The merging of the wood in the background and the woman raising her two fingers make this image perplexing and interesting indeed.
Tony Briant is an ‘actor’ in a new movie about Barrow that was recently made here.
In January, filmmaker Andrew Okpeaha MacLean, originally from Barrow and Fairbanks, walked the red carpet with familiar Hollywood faces at the Sundance Film Festival. His film, which in English means “On the Ice,” was chosen as one of 83 special selections of short films out of 5,000 films sent.
More recently, the film collected awards for screenplay and directing at the First-run Film Festival at New York University, where MacLean completed his graduate studies.
Inspired by Sergio Leone and other Western filmmakers in the 1950s and 1970s, “Sikumi” is an “Arctic western” featuring a fictional treatment of a real-life situation.
Apuna, the lead character in this Inupiaq-speaking film, crosses the sea ice several miles north of Barrow on a dogsled when he witnesses a community member in the act of murder. Isolated from anyone and anything, both men face tough questions about their morality “outside the bounds of society,” according to MacLean.
“I was thinking about how the characters would react to this situation and how they would react as Inupiaq people, taking into consideration our concepts, values .
“‘Avoidance of conflict,’ this is how this character would deal with this situation,” MacLean said.
“He wouldn’t try to subdue the killer but tries to find way to bring the killer to realize the magnitude of what he’s done — bring justice within himself.”
All three men playing in this film are local actors from Barrow. Brad Weyiouanna plays Apuna, Tony Bryant, with family ties to Point Barrow and Point Hope, plays Miqu, and Olemoun Rexford plays Taqi, the murdered hunter.
MacLean wrote the film as his master thesis project for the filmmaking program at NYU.
This is MacLean’s second film to appear at Sundance. His first film, “Seal Hunting with Dad,” or “Natchiliagniaqtuguk Aapagalu” in Inupiaq, was a documentary inspired by MacLean’s grandfather’s life and was screened at the New York Museum of Modern Art in April 2005.
MacLean’s films are primarily shot in Alaska and focus on the Arctic and the Inupiaq culture. While living in Barrow before leaving for film school, MacLean co-founded the first Inupiaq-speaking theater company. Both Rexford and Bryant had acted in the theater prior to making films with MacLean.
MacLean has dedicated himself to promoting the preservation of his Native tongue.
Familiar with the language from home but not a fluent speaker, MacLean taught himself the language with the help of his mother Edna Agheak MacLean, who is a well-known linguist. His mother also helped translate the film’s script from its original English version to Inupiaq, according to MacLean.
“Most of my generation grew up around the language but couldn’t really speak it myself, and I was feeling something was missing,” MacLean said.
“I tried to teach it to myself and tried to find ways to use it — one of the ways that has been effective is in theater and film pieces that I make,” he said, “I want to get it to be used in a more public way as part of the media.”
“Everywhere you look there is pop culture reference to Eskimos, but no one has seen Inuit culture as expressed by Inuit people,” MacLean said.
“People are very curious about it and definitely respond to that.”
MacLean’s next goal is to make a full-length feature. He is working on the script for that project.
Another project under the works is a documentary film about the effects of global warming in the Arctic.

Tony Bryant from Point Hope

The servers assigned to each crew walk around to make sure everyone receives a portion of the many varied types of food prepared for this event. Mikiigaq is the main delicacy served. There are other  foods that are  dangerous to eat. (fermented stink meat)  Just make sure you have not had any sugar products that day. It is possible to die from Botulisim if you have sugar in your system and you eat this food. I always smile and say ‘no thank you” I’ll pass on this treat! I am loaded on sugar,  Chocolate is part of my daily diet !

Fermented whale meat

 Many different types of soup are available,
Fresh caribou soup,
Fresh duck soup of many different varieties !

Soup is good food !

Just be patient and wait, Food is served where you sit. You are waited on by many servers that are part of each ot the two crews that were successfull this year in receving a whale.
some of the elders even bring their own favorite bowl, to make things easier for the servers that are passing out food to everyone that is here at the festival grounds.

Hot soup, delivered right to your area !  That's service !

More to follow.. !


Thank you  ALL so  very much!!


The people of Point Hope Alaska “The oldest people” in all of North America.

This unique photo essay has been published all over the internet on over 50 web photo forums. A new milestone has been reached this year. ( for me)

one million hits !

Thank You !! for the GREATEST Birthday gift I have ever had


Often surfaces and I have to contend with it or it will spread, I can easily block such said individual, but the logic is flawed and I have to pont this out. 

One person does not equal 50 hits.  that is preposterous. the image below proves it.  Look at how many people, genertate how many hits ..  hmmm. !!  there goes that “fairy=tale” logic, flying right out the window.  I am not an expert either, not in any sense of the word.  But I do know what these numbers say, anyone, of any AGE, can clearly see.  the number of people and the number of hits they generate !doh !!

49 people generated 92 hits  then.. um, er  25 people generated 45,466 hits, my my my !!

Your batting 1000%   4 times Mr. Dove you have been wrong !  What is your next point ?

Thank You Mr. Dove, you remind me of a very true, verifiable story, that I have the proof for. See what you just attempted to do.. ( to discredit me),  find some flaw in what “my blog says”.  FIND IT, point it out, and harass me.  This is nothing new. My four sons have grown up watching adults attempting to do the same thing day after day, week after week. for their whole lives.  But when people are shown the error of their ways, they do not ever aplogize. They hide in denial and distance, & obscurity.


I was working at pump station #6 on the Trans – Alaska – Pipleline,  I had been there for about two weeks time. My partner and I were working on installing a new huge power panel, 480 volts, The old ‘feeder’  wires were taken out and removed, everything was disconnected from this new panel that was being put into its place.

My tool buddy was from Seattle, he was also the ‘job steward”.  reaching for one of the branch circuit smaller wires, a white wire, a neutral wire, he received a very bad shock. The job was shut down immediatly to find out why this unsafe condition was present. There should never be a difference of potential between a white wire, and ground.  they are basically the same place. and as such this netrual wire was being backfed,  Current traveling in the wrong direction. 

My ‘genius’ foreman – Mark Bergy – Fairbanks (chuckle), this 26 year old ‘rookie” had all the answers, to everything, he was the only electricain in the whole union that knew this buisness.!!  I will find the answer to this, as he picked up the blueprints. (20 year old blueprints – that did not show “additions” ).

At this point in time in my ‘brief” career, in this industry,  i had over 32 years experience in the field. I have never worked on houses, just heavy industrial and large commercial projects. I had an incredible education as an electrican that began when I was in the 3rd grade.

how to find this problem and fix it quickly was the  matter at hand, not reading some blue prinits that are outdated by years.!!  I followed the piple the “guilty” wires came from, back to the first junction box, to physiclly see what could be causing this. I only had to open three different boxes that were close by; to come to the proper conclusion and solution.   When I found this problem, i immediately notified my forman, who was still buried deep into schematic diagrams of a fire alarm panel.  (chuckle). I found it, I told him and show him what, where, what had been done wrong.!  He smiled. good work he said. I told him. When this section head comes to us to find out what is wrong. DO NOT TELL HIM using words.  he has to go back and explain it to his boss. etc. Just hand him a simple drawing and explian it simply !!

The Alyeska section person arrives. Ol bergy puts his hands on his hips,  his voice changes, and he goes int this long – winded explanation, that I could not understand and it lasted forever.!!   the  maintenence man for Aleyeska left shaking his head. 

I drew up a simple diagram. !   I walked into Main section chief office for A shift.  I told him. You have a serious problem in your fire alarm system, you have a serious back feed, and here is how to fix it. He looked up at me. RED FACED. glaring at me and said.. who the *&*^%% are you ???  Get the hell out of my office and quit wasting my time, you @#@#$$#@ !!!  We have been testing this system 3 times a day every day for 17 years..   get the *&*&*&^ OUT OF HERE.!!!    He was “pissed” to say the least !

I waited.. .. for the shift to change to B shift, and I walked back in and sat down and very nicely explained to this shift chief. what I had discovered. !!


Much to my amazement. I was given this certificate, in front of the whole crew, of some 100 electricians at the morning’s safety meeting.   I was fired the next day !!  “banned” from the job -site!  THAT was the plan, but it BACKFIRED.

I have a habit of embarassing people, they set them selves up every time.


The general forman, insisted he had to lay one person off the next day,  I was the one chosen.  Two foremen went to the general foreman and said.. We quit.!!  no.. there is no need to lay just one person off.. two people left to back me up!  THIS drawing I made, had to be faxed to all of the pump stations, as they were all wired in the exact same manner.!!  In the event of a fire.  these exhaust fans, would have worked in the opposite direction, spreading the fire, instead of sucking all the smoke out.  !! Imagne that!

I was born at night…………… ‘ but it wasn’t last night ” !!

My forman refused to ever speak with me again!!