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Whatever happened to “Character” ?

Have you noticed??  Who in the public eye – displays any form of character or integrity ?


What are our children exposed to ?? Daily – in the news ?

What are they exposed to constantly on television and on sitcoms ?  sex,  drinking,  drugs  – do anything you want!

American government is doing everything they can to change the definition of MARRIAGE !

Is this what you intended to happen when you voted for “hope & change” ??   America has NO HOPE unless we CHANGE !!

What  ever happened to ‘morals”  ?   America has none!  We have thrown it all away over pleasures and party time.  Just lo0k at the integrity of some of the people we have in congress !!  Liars, cheats, thieves, sex crazed people who rather send images of body parts then do the job they were elected to perform.  A married man, sending porn over his cell phone to many different women.  I am sure his wife is just thrilled with her choice of a man !!

America needs to return to GOD !!    that is the ONLY SOLUTION !!   there are no other options !!

REPENT (change your mind) or PERISH


It is time to get ready.. … Jesus WILL Rapture the Church… … Just as HE PROMISED.

Twenty – Twelve

2012 Dec. 21st. We enter a new ‘age’ that occurs every 26,000 years.

What is going to happen ?? – It is extremly obvious –

The world – will NEVER END.

I have  it on the greatest of AUTHORITY – The world abideth FOREVER !   Those words were spoken and written by the  Creator of ALL THINGS. – HE said it many hundreds of times !!

We have only TWO CHOICES – just two – there is no middle ground.  Either Jesus told the TRUTH at all times OR- He was the biggest liar in all of human history.    Praise God – We have a Creator that cannot possibly ever lie under any circumstances.

That is very reassuring in these difficult times we live in.   The Earth and the fullness therein will abide forever!  That is called a ‘promise’ a statement of fact.

Justification – Sanctification –  Glorification !  DO you know how those words apply to you ??  Do you know what they actually mean ??

Jesus Christ is going to return very shortly – HE PROMISES to come’ as a thief in the night’ (when you least expect it).

Will you be ready ?  

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Another needless death in Barrow !!

How many children have to die.?? .. … .. such needless deaths !!

It is just so sad, when you know people personally, then the next day they are gone, all because they made a stupid wrong decision.. ..” lets steal a honda and go for a ride”…  this ride ended up in the death of a small young boy, that we were trying to get into our shop – to teach him,  to learn how to carve. The boys who provoked him into doing what they wanted. ran and fled the scene when the accident happened. They abandoned him, they were all caught, in jail.  More wasted lives ruined !!!  How many more children have to die ?? how many more children have to end up in jail for the rest of their lives ???  DOESNT ANYONE CARE  ? ? ? ?

It is so sad so see a mother that we know only too well. She has to bury one of her children.  I have been through this too many times.  So sad. AND NO ONE has a clue.. .. of what to do !! 

I have the perfect solution !!