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Whales are headed this way !!

A phone call from Whaling Captain, Rex Rock, in Point Hope, was made to the President of the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission – Eugene Brower here in Barrow !  In about 4 days, we should see these whales migrating past the point here in Barrow Alaska.

Photos of Day 9 & 10 on the trail, are being processed and uploaded.

Open Water

Open Water

Huge Ice Chunks
Huge Ice Chunks

Now, you can easily see, some of the two story high pieces of ice that are all over the place out here, you can’t recognize the size of them, until, you see something ‘normal size’ beside or near them. Then it is obvious !!

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National Geographic

is here in Barrow. filming the whale hunt, to be shown on television all over the world  in December. Our good friend Alaak (Uhl uck)  Aula  is his name in this movie.. (to go camping), NG is renting his equipment.

I just had to ask him .. Allak.. 1991.. when they pulled up that 50 foot whale.. them 3 nurses ?? what happened ?

two women died, one lived. were the first words out of his mouth.  Her face was half gone. all over the ice with brain matter.  The police took EVERYONE’S CAMERAS.   no photos out of respect to the two families.

1 doctor  2 natives.  one native lived, but is not right, I was there he ended.

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Barrow catches 7 whales

Edward Itta,  AND THE OTHERS will be listed here.

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