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New Bracelet Design

This is the greatest bracelet design we have ever made.

165 inlays in ONE BRACELET



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Ol’ Time Ivory Carver

This is how  they did it in the old days

Using a “bow” to drill holes; Ivory Cribbage Boards are very popular

This Ivory Carver is going to represent a whole new entire series of custom Ivory Carvings;

For the Doctors & Nurses in the Arctic Hospitals  in Barrow & Kotzebue


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Tired of being BROKE … .. ?

There is a very easy way to change all of that. Without having to work your whole lifeworking & depending  on  someone else.


Here is where you begin to study & learn- This is step #1

This is step #2

You need some new materials .  YOU – yes you cannot possibly fail if you do these simple steps – daily!!

CATALOG_OF_IDEAS        THANK YOU !!  Michelle!!

read & learn how simple all of this isand you will advance quickly and become very successful. This is 100% guaranteed – IF.. .. .. you spend time & do the simple work!

The rest is up to YOU! – I’ve taken the time & effort to provide you with hundreds  of detailed photographs w/ text and numerous video’s to enhance your learning experience and provide you with almost everything you need.

There is only one thing I cannot possibly provide you with – “ambition”!


Open the book – Save the page to your desktop!