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Now you can have your own personal copy of the REPORT – that finally settles the dispute!! An Editor from Adobe explains why there is no doubt that Obama’s phoney birth certificate is nothing more than a poor forgery!

A natural born citizen is a person born of TWO parents that are U.S. citizens !

Obama admits dual ‘CITIZENSHIP’

THE TRUTH will always surface.. and here from his own mighty lying lips, finally comes the TRUTH !!


America is finished !  Unless we unite and get this phoney liar out of office !

The CONSTITUTION is clear !  NO DUAL CITIZENSHIP – is allowed !  This is why everything is ‘sealed’ about his past.

Would you hire.. .. ‘this person’ ?? Would you trust this person ??? Would you work with this person ??

Story time: This is a 'teamster' !! FAKER ! PHONEY LIAR !          What a discrace to his profession

This is a very true verifiable story that has to be the most bizarre story I have ever told. Every word of this story is accurate and true. 

1997 Coldfoot Alaska. I am a foreman for Houston contractors. I am assigned a crew of 12 people. I am introduced to all crew members at the same time, by my superintendent.  I have 5 electricians 5 laborers, one crane operator and a ‘teamster’ who drove his own truck and sat in it all day long refusing to help others when asked.  My job is to drive workers to work !  and sit all day long with a 3 foot pile of porn magazines in his truck feeding his fat face, all day long. It is 20 below zero outside and my crew is working well together, until a new superintendent showed up upon the scene and split the crew into two seperate crews, One crew went south, I was still forman for my crew which now only had six members. actually 5.. One deat beat teamster that should have been fired for dead weight and totally useless on the job site. No one would ride with this clown. He drove himself to work and sat and ate .. .. and read his ‘material’ all day long. falling asleep in the truck was a normal occurance for he displayed his ‘abilities’ quite openly day in and day out. Why is that person on this job site ?  I am a little upset. especially since he continually acts like he is the ONE in charge of this project.  Hey Dave knock off the safety meeting crap he said to me one morning, just tell the men to put on their hard hats and saftey glasses and forget the rest of that crap.  I was very upset with this person as soon as he introducted himself on that very first day. Everyone on the crew told me their ‘names’ except this person.. who wanted to be elevated far above everyone else.. Hello; he stuck out his hand to me and said.. .. I am the former Mayor of Valdez, .. I laughed and said .. well sir that is very noble and honrable but this is COLDFOOT and we have a job to do.

He did not appreciate the truth of my words.  I do not care what he did 5 years ago. I care about today, getting the work done,  that is my only concern.

I had to make a trip to Fairbanks from coldfoot one day.  I was not allowed to drive myself, Mr. former Mayor had to do that task. Not a word was spoken between us for the whole six hour trip !  We had absolutly nothing in common. He wanted to continually talk about the past, I was only concerned with the present.

In Fairbanks my General foreman assigned a truck to me to do some errands and pick up material for our job site in Coldfoot, Mr. Teamster loaded up a huge flatbed truck and drove it out into traffic and dumped the whole load in the middle of the street.  when I returned to find out what happened, I asked who is this person .. In any other job location, this person would not be allowed to carry on in this manner, anyone else would have been fired for that type act of stupidity !   Again I have to go out and run errands and when I get back to the shop.. There he is with another huge flatbed loaded. ready to go.. I said hold it right there.. YOU CANNOT DRIVE THAT TRUCK.. Look at what you have done ! ???  He placed a ten ton beam on the edge of this truck and the entire flat bed was listing at a 20 degree angle. I was shocked !  Unload this truck.!  I called a forklift operator and took everything off that truck and then placed the ten ton beam in the middle of the truck and place the other stuff on each side. thus balancing the load perfectly.  I just looked at him in utter disblief.  Why are you here ?  I walked around the truck to give it a once over and I notice on the rear driveers side tire is a huge bubble half the size of a grapefruit. BULGING OUT  I said we cannot drive this truck 6 hours back to cold foot on rocky roads with a tire in that condition.  He said. no, its ok, I am the teamster.. I know what I am doing. I said LIke hell and I went into the shop and got the shop superintendent of all the vehicles.. I told him of this man’s inability to listen and do as he is told.. The super pointed to him in very stern words.. You better listen to your forman and get that tire changed now !!   to make a long story very short.. We arrived back in Coldfoot @ 2 am.  A very long long day.

The next morning at work 7 a.m.  My superintendent called me on the radio. and asked in a very quizzical tone.. what happened yesterday ? how come you only worked two hours ??  I said.. I will be right over.. I know I didn’t hear you correctly.. I will drive right over to your location.

When I arrived I said to my superintendent.. what did you say ??  He said the ‘teamster’ said to put you down for 2 hours yesterday. ???   My mouth flew open. I was in shock. 2 hours ? where was I ? I think you better call the shop in Fairbanks and talk to the Shop Superintendent.. Glenn.. give him a call and he will confirm I was very busy working all day and half the night !!

I jumped into my truck and drove over to the job site..  Everyone was milling around and i walked up to this teamster in front of everyone and said.. John ??  why did you tell the superintendent that I only worked 2 hours yesterday ???  John said..  ” in never said that “.  !    wow !  Lets go see the superintdent together.. NO ! was his reply. and he walked away … I am totally dumfounded at this individuals personality !!  I want him fired. I want him off this job site..

That person is very well known these days.. he is often seen on television sitting there.. still sitting and ‘acting important’ (chuckle)..   He will get caught.. I have witnessed with my own eyes and seen what this person will stoop to lie, steal, and cheat for his own gains.. He will get caught. it is just a question of time.

JOHN HARRIS – SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES is coming to Barrow !  I can’t wait to welcome him .. The last time I was with Mr. Harris. was when he had to drive me back to Fairbanks..  a six hour drive.

My Electrician quit the job when he saw what inept, lying people were attempting to do on the job site.. and for that six hour drive. I let mr former mayor of valdez know EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT OF his lying, cheating, habits. !!  and for many years now he is the head of the house ??   People do not change..  they just intensify.. !!  Old habits are still ingrained.. the state now has 22 billion bux ?? and he is the head of the house ??  It is just a question of time before he gets what is coming to him.  -liar- cheat- thief = can’t tell the truth. !!  I am waiting for THAT DAY.  I want to be present when they lock that idiot up !! when you work with some one 10 hours a day for 3 weeks, you see things about their true personality !!   John Harris is coming to Barrow. I can’t wait to see the look of shock on his face when my face is suddenly in front of him once again !!! HE WILL GET CAUGHT..  The temptation is too much for him to overcome. When they investigate him they will find out the truth in very short order.