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H E A D L I N E S !


Born in Hawaii ??   – There is no evidence of any such event taking place.  The only so called proof we have is Obama’s assertion and a forged phony birth certificate.  

The Plot thickens:  Detectives are dispatched by Sheriff Joe!

Obama is going down – He needs to be Arrested!

Most Evil Man in America

No Justice !

Ineligible for the Office

The mainstream ‘enemedia’ is silent on this issue.  Anyone who raises questions of provides information is mocked and ridiculed.  Alinsky type tactics to defend a fraud and an imposter.



Shefiff Joe:   The first law enforcement official to take on the task to unmask this imposter .  Notice the words he uses:

TONS !  (chuckle)  IN other words; they have all the evidence they need, now the next step is to set traps and watch the news media fall right into them.  He will  expose the many frauds behind this.  All it would have taken any serious investigative  journalist  was to do their job.  But the news media has been bought and paid for by George Soros and Media Matters.  Squash the Truth!   Keep Quiet – Ignore, mock, ridicule, villify & laugh when people point to the facts:

REMEMBER TO TAKE NOTICE:   We can’t even define what the 5,000 year old ‘tradtition of marriage’ means any longer; It has been “changed’ to suit this new age of deception we are having shoved down our thoats.

Americans are not STUPID

 Abraham Lincoln said so eloquently – “You can fool all the people some of the time; You can fool some of the people all of the time; – BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.

Plainly a ForgeryNow people from other countries are saying the same thing;  Plainly a Forgery is very strong language.And the media is SILENT !! Ineligible for the POTUSNow it is more than apparent why Obama has all school records ‘sealed’  They contain the truth of who he really is. A foreign born student is not eligible for the  PRESIDENCY!Fishy – Based on Evidence

Ineligible for the POTUS


Congressmen are concerned

Fishy – Based on Evidence


How Convenient

Christian ?

What is going on in this country ??  Forging a birth certificate ?  Is this what America has been reduced to ? Chicago thug politics are going to now rule this country ??

Undocumented Worker


Freedom Or a Dictatorshiip

 Yes.. The list is growing..

Obama born in Kenya

Now the evidence is coming forward from as far back as 1991- OBAMA BORN IN KENYA!

Obama Born in Kenya

The list is growing that Obama is a fraud – A narcissistic  megalomaniac, pathological LIAR 

The following statements from sources that admit – Obama born in Kenya!

  • The Ambassador from Kenya –
  • The Kenyan Parliament –
  •  The Kenyan Government –
  • The Nigerian Observer –
  • Michelle Obama –

This impostor needs to be arrested;  tried for treason;  An example for the whole world to see – FRAUD – LIAR- CHEAT!

We The People- DEMAND the TRUTH!


Time for Action!


Obama is going DOWN!

Christian ??


Liar – in – CHIEF!


Busted !!

Muslim Socialist!


Obama claims he is a christian; Franklin Graham got hammered for saying he didn’t know. He had to apologize to obama for saying he didn’t know if obama was a christian or not – ONLY GOD KNOWS was his wimpy weak answer.

Well I’ve got news – I know the answer to that simple question, pure plain and simple. I am not afraid of the truth or to scream the truth from the tallest tree tops.

The bible gives us many ‘commands’ and advice to follow. Most people do not realize that the bible was written for ‘children’ to understand.
NO tree can bring forth bad fruit Jesus claimed!! Judge a person by their works (of righteousness) i.e. their fruit.

Obama apologizes 4 times to muslims in Afghanistan because we accidentally burned some paper books.
Christians are being slaughtered; raped, killed and their churches destroyed in Kenya; Syria; Egypt.
Obama is silent.
Marriage is defined by God HIMSELF; One man with One woman for life. Till death do us part. Amen.

Obama has changed that and God HIMSELF proclaims many times “IT IS AN ABOMINATION (obamanation) in HIS SIGHT!

“It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” – Adolf Hitler

Welcome to the New World Order – Heil Obitler !


Obama is the most hostile Anti-Biblical president this country has ever had!!  This dangerous individual is not any christian by any loose sense of the word.

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