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When will Floyd Learn ?
Well over 2,400,000 hits for last month !!   But the funniest thing; I have ever WITNESSED : 

One person – is trying to convince the whole world – I am wrong !!

Yes; One person – who lives in Barrow for just 12 years who  has never been whaling; who has never set foot out on the ocean ice pack, Actually writes photo essays on whaling with no photographs and no experience.


Yep; you guessed it – Floyd Davidson

That is a very impressive list of Visitors

One Hundred Forty Six countries this month!!

We reach throughout the entire GLOBE!! 

Floyd Insists I am wrong; about everything I have typed for over 3 1/2 years time. 

352 visits in 12 days ??

New Majik Imaje Logo

Bowhead & Beluga whales

The new Majik Imaje Logo depicting the harmony that exists between the Inupiaq culture & the whales.

A tradition that is many thousands of years old- has to be respected– The entire life of the Inupiaq people revolves around the whale – in some books; you will hear that these people “worship the whale” !!

It takes one whole year – just to get ready to go whaling  for the spring hunt.

It takes a great deal of time and effort to hunt for six new Oogruk to obtain the necessary skins needed to cover one umiaq.  Old skins must be scraped & cleaned, All paddles must have a new finish applied to them. Caribou,Ducks, Fishing are all done at different times of the year.  Point Hope is the ONLY VILLAGE, that still does whaling in the old traditional manner.


by Charlie Hopson, Inupiat whaler
Silently I move toward destiny.
Quietly, you, Inupiat, await my destiny.
I can hear you as I move under the ice.
I can see you as I surface.
Together we wait.
Both know what the other thinks.
Although we live in different worlds,
We exist for each other.
I move towards you Inupiat,
Because it is my destiny.
Quietly I approach you.
Silently you move towards me.
I give you your culture.
I give myself, Bowhead Whale.
“The Inupiat never boast they have caught a whale. They receive a whale, and they do so humbly. They believe that the whale chooses to sacrifice itself, that if a hunter creates a place pleasing to the animals, it will choose to die there and tell the others to come next year. Nothing logical about animal behavior or natural selection can shatter this belief, it is so deeply felt among the Inupiat. Doubting it would be akin to blasphemy, an abandonment of their heritage.”
– Marla Cone
All it takes, is just a little practice
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3D Studio Max 



What do you – want  to learn today?


Everyone has a camera; just point & click, and you have an image; In 3d Studio max you can create anything you can’t even see. Unleash your imagination in ways you never thought possible.  Here in our new book section we will take the time to show plainly what  can be accomplished; just by using your imagination!!


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