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HIGH in the Arctic .. Eskimo!!  The book is here; it will shortly be available for download.  This is a work in progress that will result in 555 pages !!  I am going to do something;

NO other PHOTOGRAPHER in the business would ever do. I will provide (in the near future) LINKS to high rez copies suitable for printing !!  These are ALL YOURS; go have some fun – give them away to schools in your area; use your imagination.

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Greenland ice sheet slams the brakes on

Scientists: Massive frozen surface has slowed its ocean-bound progress by 10% since ’91
–New Scientist


By John Mathon

Fri Jul 04 22:50:27 BST 2008

A) sea levels aren’t accelerating.

B) there is self-interest in science community in promoting this fear

c) some are even making lots of money off this lie

d) it is obvious to most common sense people that it was not “proven” and yet we were told over and over that they were 99% certain of their facts and it turns out they were wrong. Either these scientists are incompetent and should be fired and disgraced or they are liars and should be fired, disgraced and criminally prosecuted.

There is liitle or NO AGW. Those …

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According to CNN –

North Pole ice in jeopardy, scientists say

North Pole ice in jeopardy, scientists say

The North Pole may be briefly ice-free by September as global warming melts away Arctic sea ice, according to scientists from the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, Colorado. full story
 This scare tactic is just one of many, that are being used to ‘deceive the masses’.
CNN has a poll that people are voting on. The results may surprise you.  Abe Lincoln once said,  “you can fool some of the people some of the time.. .. .. but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time, these results clearly show the public’s view on this tactic !!
Amazing results - the world knows the truth.
Now the real truth and real facts are simply this.  3 months of summer sun will cause certain places in this ice to crack and open.  these currents up here are extremly strong,  the ice is constantly moving, In Sept/Oct, it all freezes over again until next August .. !!   It will never ALL melt, they make it sound like next year all ice on the planet will be gone. !!  Watch how cold.. Next winter gets in area that are not known for cold weather. Watch, listen, learn, READ !!!   WORLDNETDAILY.COM    Find out the real truth of what is about to happen,.. .. .. keep this in mind.   The antichrist will deceive the whole world !  This is just the begining of being able to control the masses through mass deception.