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Leader of the pack – i.e. Internets MOST POPULAR THREAD

My true story is published on more than 65 forums,  On every forum – my story is #1  with more views than any other thread !  An incredible amount of work; to post on so many places, that people from all over the entire globe, visit this web site every month!!  I can’t thank you enough for spending your valuable time reading of my passionate love for these most unique people in the world – “Inupiaq Eskimo”  Adiga !!  The first four days of Feb of 2011, I counted 100 countries visiting us in just four short days !  I am totally amazed at the intrest this site has generated, I only hope I can continue to develop good interactive ideas to keep you  returning again and again for new updates on our quest – vision & dream for the villages of the Arctic  which is to begin shortly.

Luminous Landscape

The more I post on different forums; The replies say it all; more photos; more stories;  more – more –  more.

Photo Camel

Digital Grin

I am going to merly list the most popular forums I post on – to show the views as #1 on each and every site !!

Grand Finale Pink Floyd’s Funnies !!


Todays news

For three and a half long years; ONE PIG; that resembles a ‘human being’ has trashed obsessively anything & everything I have typed.  This pig will stoop to the lowest level – consistently & constantly to fabriate outrageous lies, just to make  his point !!  In this new section, we will show in a very simple fashion using comical ‘pig cartoons’ that we have made ourselves  The Oinky Oinky in Action (animated).

If you notice, Floyd states with absolute certainty; that he called a friend,  The EMT that was down on the ice that day. Notice floyds response.  It sounds authentic enough, especially since I aplogized right away.

Everyone in Barrow states :  Two women died from their skulls getting crushed.

We met with the EMT – Tom Saxton: He said: Yes floyd called us; and we told him YOU WERE RIGHT !!

Floyd took it upon himself- to deliberately change the truth to suit his  agenda.

Floyd STILL INSISTS that only one woman got hurt from getting hit in the chest. Everyone in Barrow says; Two women died from their skulls being crushed by the block & tackle.

What type of : ?person? would stoop to such a low level ??

So, Floyd cried & complained to the moderators of the web sight; the thread was closed;  and I was banned! Floyd was finally happy!

Once he got away with that, then he grew bolder & bolder going out of his ways to fabricate falshoods, but he was caught time & time again.  Not one apology; Still to this day he continues; – THEN I BANNED HIS IP  from accessing my web site.

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White balance – ‘COLOR THEORY’

You have a new high tech  camera, it relies on a computer chip to balance your color in some ‘electronic’ method.

But what if you do not like the results that the camera provides on the output, or the input into your image editing program?

i.e. adobe photoshop, adobe elements, paint shop pro etc. every program has the same basic features,

let me let you  in on a little known secret for today’s generation of instant photography;  the same rules still apply, that applied to working with film. Although the methods used to color correct any image, are different, the principles to achieve the results are the same.

In the darkroom,  in photography;  There are only six colors you must understand, and how they work with each other.  this is extremly simple to learn and to master in no time.

If you want to learn the Art of Photography, this is essential.

In the darkroom, when you made a color print, it was a guarantee, that the finished print would be one of six different colors wrong.  One color would be seen in excess,  A color shift it was called. You can determine what color is in excess in any of your photographs by using CC filters (color correction). or by looking at the white / neutral areas in your image in the shadows, looking for ‘grey’.  Whites should be white and grey’s should be grey!  this is simple to achieve now. once you understand which colors react to which secondary color.

RED – GREEN – BLUE are the three primary colors in photogaphy

Opposite of Red is Cyan

Opposite of Green is Magenta

Opposite of Blue is Yellow

(color theory for “paint” is different). But we are speaking about photography, and the methods used to correct any print. This works the same if your in *raw mode or *jpg, *tiff,  or any other options you may have to choose from.

Colors have specific properties that always act in predictable ways.

for instance, If I have a round circular piece of cardboard such as comes with a pizza, If I divide that circle into exact thirds, and paint each of those sections Red, Green, Blue.  when I spin that circle very fast by putting a pencil or needle in the center,  what color will I see? when that wheel is spun very fast ?

Black is not a color, Black is the absence of ALL  color(s). !   We are using all the primariy color(s). Therefore

We shall see  “white” !! White is the presence of ALL color(s). !!

This can also be illustrated by using lights, in real life or in a 3D program .

by using a redThe six colors you need to be concerned with ! , green and blue light(s). and aim these lights at a common center point. where these three lights over lap and come together, we will see  white, and in the overlapping outside layers, the secondary or opposite colors are clearly shown also.!! In the darkroom, when you viewed a finished color print and it was too yellow. to fix this next print you would add more yellow to the filter pack to get the yellow out of the next image. If that print was too blue, you would subtract yellow to get rid of the blue. And it is the same using photoshop. At the top of the menu bar under the heading of “image” > adjustments> color balance ; . –  If you have a print that is too yellow, just move that yellow slider towards blue and see the changes instantly.  The only time you might get confused is when you mistake blue for cyan; or cyan for blue. the other colors are less confusing to work with.

With a little practice you will achieve amazing results in no time !!

All it takes, is just a little practice