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Grand Finale Pink Floyd’s Funnies !!


Todays news

For three and a half long years; ONE PIG; that resembles a ‘human being’ has trashed obsessively anything & everything I have typed.  This pig will stoop to the lowest level – consistently & constantly to fabriate outrageous lies, just to make  his point !!  In this new section, we will show in a very simple fashion using comical ‘pig cartoons’ that we have made ourselves  The Oinky Oinky in Action (animated).

If you notice, Floyd states with absolute certainty; that he called a friend,  The EMT that was down on the ice that day. Notice floyds response.  It sounds authentic enough, especially since I aplogized right away.

Everyone in Barrow states :  Two women died from their skulls getting crushed.

We met with the EMT – Tom Saxton: He said: Yes floyd called us; and we told him YOU WERE RIGHT !!

Floyd took it upon himself- to deliberately change the truth to suit his  agenda.

Floyd STILL INSISTS that only one woman got hurt from getting hit in the chest. Everyone in Barrow says; Two women died from their skulls being crushed by the block & tackle.

What type of : ?person? would stoop to such a low level ??

So, Floyd cried & complained to the moderators of the web sight; the thread was closed;  and I was banned! Floyd was finally happy!

Once he got away with that, then he grew bolder & bolder going out of his ways to fabricate falshoods, but he was caught time & time again.  Not one apology; Still to this day he continues; – THEN I BANNED HIS IP  from accessing my web site.

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Children.. our most precious valuable important resource

The imagination.. .. of a child.. .. is priceless.

these children just amaze me, in the many varied ways they mimic their parents in every explicit detail.

Future whaling captain setting out on the high seas in seach of adventure.


Even at 40 below zero, these children want to take to the high seas to hunt the Mighty Bowhead whale. This is their life, to grow up and become a successful whaling captain.

Easter Sunday- children chasing a bowhead whale @ 40 below zero





The amount of work, and responsibility of a BOYER is just something that is inconceivable in your world. Hand a lighter and matches over to a three year old child, and have him attend that wood-stove  alone, by himself all night long and keep it fired up just right. If too much “sicpan” is put into that stove, Everything will get too hot, and it will burn down the entire tent.A boyer, on his way to work !   In the nine whale hunts I have attended and photographed, I have seen many such boyers of such a young age. Howard Stone Jr. was the very first boyer  I had the shocking pleasure to meet. I just could not believe that a 3 year old child was capable of : chopping wood, attending that stove, melting snow for water to wash cups and thermoses, making “fresh” drinking water, for use in filling all of the thermoses with hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot tea. all night long over and over again. This was hard work for me to keep up with all of the chores that a boyer must do each and every night for two months. You must have a specific system set up, because room inside that tent is very limited, Much washing of cups, thermoses, some dishes, and forever making / melting snow & ice for different types of water, that are used for different purposes. Chopping wood, busy, busy, all night long, while these cooks sleep and get the much needed rest, to begin cooking for as many as 15 people,  3 – 5 times a day. Miles out on that ocean ice pack. This is the harsh lifestlye that I would never walk away from, These people just never complain and they have every right to do so. But this is just so much fun living with a people(s) that appreciate and give thanks for all that they have, and all that they have received, each and every day. Inupiaq Technology: Time tested for many, many thousands of years. In this one spot of land, called Point Hope Alaska.





These children all know me, and I just enjoy capturing them at play, unawares, quickly!  The candid happy faces of these children inspire me so much. The innocence portrayed in their faces tells the whole story of children that are happy 30 BELOW Zero !! all day every day, these children play out in any weather!! Happy Happy Happyat play without a care in the world.  Miles out on the ocean ice pack, this is natural for these children, they have done it year after year of their very young lives.  Home sweet frozen home @ 30 below zero. This is something you have to experience to understand, It is not cold out!!

Once you learn how to dress properly, and understand what to wear, then you just cannot ever get cold out here.  The crisp cold air just ‘gets on you’ .. .. it never penetrates !!

There is much about the Arctic that people do not understand or comprehend, you have to experience this life to understand the unique beauty of this land, the ice, the environment & above all, These unique people and their lifestyle / culture that is so many thousands of years old.


Oh so lovely - Kathy Rock Age 10









Inside or outside, these children fascinate me.

 Estella D. Frankson  Lois Frankson’s Oldest daughter 1983

We have a dream..

And that dream is to build & install 9 new,     YOU -niversities

in each of the villages of the North Slope Region to give these children a modern workshop area to learn computers, photography and Inupiaq Arts & Crafts. Each of those “skills” will generate amazing amounts of money if taught the proper, simple way of marketing your new found skills.


 “A community you-niversity “!    it is…. for YOU

We do not intend to ask or seek for grants or any other normal avenues of financial assistance, or loan. We will do this ourselves, with our money !

The amounts of money we generate from photographs, Ivory, & Native arts & crafts is well known all throughout the regions of the Arctic.  .

FOUR HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS!! – generating that type of money, .. .. just to give it all away !! this is our goal, our purpose, our vision.

These children have nothing, in the smaller villages to do.  Barrow is well equpiped with the Illisagvik college and such, and even here in Barrow we have the exact same phrase, used everywhere, I am just being bored,

.. .. .. "I am just being bored" is the most popular expression heard in ANY village.

but I have a much easier better idea. I have proven it. .. .. with these four boys I raised by myself.  they are experts in photography, electircal theory and installations, computer repair and trouble shooting, Extensive knowledge of all major graphics software using very high end programs, that are considered the standard in todays technology related world .  2d graphix and the powerful high end 3D programs are what these boys have learned over a deacde ago.

They make the “finest” Ivory bracelets and are very well known all over  in the three villages we have lived in during the last 5 years.

Stay tuned for further developments of our “impossible dream” !

The City of Point Hope is (other villages also), constantly applying for ‘grants’.  I have told ‘key’ people countless amounts of times.  All you need is ten children, and you can teach them how to make ear-rings & bracelets and generate much more in a month than these grants produce in a year !!

We want to open a 20  room hotel here in Barrow.  ALL of that money that this hotel generates will be given away to fund and keep open these 9 YOU-niversities.!!


Majik Imaje .. 4 boys..  ..  .. “because we care” !!

Barrow is about to become the “Broadway” of the Arctic..  .. very soon.. .. Huge LED digital frames 44″ wide by any length !!  Huge  printed framed (back lit) posters will be adoned all over this village – to provide a ‘walking’ information tour using whaling photographs to illustrate this culture for all the many tens of thousands of tourists that arrive here every year.

We are doing this all out of own pocket(s). !!   Two Mayors are all excited over our unique ideas,  these boys are the talk of the town !!

So when one of FLOYDS’ friends in the court house , overhears, my sons applying for a restraining order against a person who keeps harrassing us.. FLOYD took that opportunity to twist it around and post it on city-data. As usual (yawn) he has it all backwards.

You would think, that after being caught in so many lies, ( I can list them all). he would change, but I have learned in sixty one years – people do not change – they intensify !!

I am blown away-by the tens of thousands of hits I am receiving from CD.  I am going to find out how to contact the owners of this site.