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Caribou found shot near Point Hope

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska State Troopers are investigating the killing of dozens of caribou near Point Hope.
Mayor Steve Oomittuk says about 40 animals were shot and left to rot in nearby mountains between Point Hope and Kivalina.
Troopers spokeswoman Beth Ipsen confirms that officers are investigating.

But she says the agency promised village officials it would keep the case quiet until the investigation is complete to ensure their cooperation.
Point Hope is a Chukchi Sea community of about 700 people 330 miles southwest of Barrow.
Oomittuk says the slaughter will not be tolerated and steps must be taken to make sure that residents’ subsistence lifestyle is protected.

Will Eskimo’s survive the big hoax ??

Will today’s generation be able to survive the political hoax associated with global warming ? Is this unique culture and lifestyle about to become extinct ?   Walrus & Seals are next to be placed upon this endangered species list.  What are the Inupiat people going to eat ?  This culture must never perish !!  What can you do to help ?  Read and become informed as to what the ‘actual’ truth is. Too much evidence is present to proclaim this is a mere hoax in favor of money for research, and for global governance. Global Taxes are next. Read the news find out the truth. This hoax must not be allowed to strip these people’s of their ‘right to eat’. No animals are in danger, the people of this region are in the gravest danger of becoming extinct.

Will these people survive the great hoax ?

 This unique lifestyle / culture must not be interupted by false claims of animals being in danger. This simply is not true. The animal populations are at all time high numbers. Presuming or assuming the Ice that exists on this planet will all be gone in a decade or few. is absurd. The weather occurs in cycles. Great Britian had its warmest day since 1779.  As King Solomon so profoundly spoke thousands of years ago. ” .. all the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full.”