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Ivory Hummingbird

We received a request from a valued customer who wanted an Ivory hummingbird.  Can you make one of those I was asked.

Ivory Hummingbird

New Fossil Ivory

New Fossil Ivory

Yesterday we purchased a new tusk of fossil ivory 26″ long.

This piece of fossil ivory cost more than six hundred dollars;  We are hoping for some spectacular colors when we cut it open to make the slices for bracelet pieces & ear-rings. Much of the time when a new piece of fossil ivory is purchased;  the inside is pure white.  This is always a major let down due to the fact that white ivory cannot  fetch the same price per bracelet as fossil ivory.  Fossil ivory’s colors are so unique. Incredible colors are the main factor to get two – three times the price for the same piece of ivory product. Thus it is a great disapointment to cut the ivory open and see only white. Sigh, but all is not lost here.  As you can see, when we did cut this open we have some colors, but in the middle of the tusk when we exposed that portion, the ivory is pure white.  Baby Oil or

White with some hues present

Mineral Oil will bring out the faint hues that you can see in some portions of ivory.  Just soak these pieces over night to bring out the colors into dark saturated colors instead of having slight hues to the pieces.  The difference between the pieces that are not soaked and the pieces that are soaked is profound.  Two entirely different  pieces of ivory.  Take a tip from ‘pros’ that do this for a living for almost 8 years now.  Buy a piece of Ivory for under a hundred bucks.  Cut it open and see what you have.  If that piece on the inside is plain white; Simply soak the pieces in the oil over night and the next day or two will reveal stunning new patterns and colors that you never thought were possible in the ivory piece you are using.  I have some before & after photographs to illustrate the vast difference in the colors of the ivory when soaked overnight in baby oil or mineral oil.  When ever you slice or cut ivory to make ear-rings or bracelets pieces, each slice should be 1/4 ” of an inch thick.  I have posted much information on how to create stunning ivory bracelets; I have also; so far – to this date- uploaded 38 videos on You Tube showing all the detailed steps on how to create Ivory bracelets. YOU.. ..  need to get busy & learn how to do this.  There are two reasons why this is so important… ONE) These steps will teach you a skill in which you can easily make money @ home carving ivory.  Two) We will purchase all bracelets & ear-rings you make.  We have too many orders, we are swamped with orders that we can’t possibly keep up with.   We are seriously thinking of opening a small ‘factory’ here in Anchorage and hiring & teaching people to perfect our style of bracelets.  This is very easy to accomplish and it doesn’t take but a couple / few days to learn to become very good at making  the type bracelets you see posted on our web site and blog.  You can make so much money from doing this at home.

We have posted all the steps here on City-Data dot com.  Currently this thread is 33 pages long with hundreds of photographs, videos and instructions for you to easily learn how to successfully carve ivory and make stunning bracelets.  All you need to begin is a coping saw, a vise, &  a dremel tool.  The rest of the supplies you need include sandpaper, super glue, bracelet cord, & of course some ivory to work with.  We have taught many children how to do this in Point Hope and in Kotzebue & also in Barrow.   Learn a good skill – you will never have to worry about money again, that is for sure.  It is very easy to make – ‘many’ thousands of dollars per week,  Just by repeating these same simple steps over and over again.    Slicing ivory, making simple shapes, of  rectangles, ovals, hearts and many other simple shapes that are easy to work with.  Hey! this is fun… that is the exact same words each and every one of our students have said in the past.  Why won’t people do this if it is so easy ? –  They are too lazy!!  We have been doing this for just over 8 years time and we make money every day, sometimes twice a day.  Where in the world can you make 10 – 20 or even forty thousand per month ??  IMPOSSIBLE you may say. but I kid you not this is easily accomplished just by makiing four bracelets every day.  4 bracelets per day for a week is 28 bracelets, now multiply that x $200 dollars each is $5,600 per WEEK in sales X FOUR WEEKS = $22,400 BUX in  MONTH. Who do you know?

The Next Day

That makes that kind of money – AT  a real job ???   Here is your chance to prove me wrong! GET TO WORK – get busy… spend the necessary time it takes to do these simple steps and learn how to pre-fab and make 2 – 3 – 4 bracelets in a day; Learn the routine and work at it, repeat all the same simple steps and strive to shorten your work methods to cut down on the time it actually takes to make a bracelet.  We do this every day- day in & day out for eight years now,  We know how long it takes.  3 1/2 hours to make a bracelet from start to finish.  Every day we are working by 8 a.m.  We are out the door before noon with 3 braclets for sale.  When the boys return home, They get busy pre-fabbing for the next day for a couple of hours, so that when they wake up, It won’t take much time to finish the job, and bring $$ home.  Lately we have been slacking off.  We only go out to sell – Mon-Wed-Fri.  We eat out several nights per week.  Now if you set up a small work area, and have a few friends or family members join in and work together as  A TEAM.   YOU can easily make 3 or more bracelets per day.  We are now just ‘coasting’ in 2nd gear and bringing in a steady-stable  3k or more per week.   What could be an easier way to make money ?? Working @ home having fun all day long every day with no hassles of any type.

Here are two of the bracelets we finished today !!  ENJOY!!


Stunning beautiful fossil ivory



3D Studio Max 



What do you – want  to learn today?


Everyone has a camera; just point & click, and you have an image; In 3d Studio max you can create anything you can’t even see. Unleash your imagination in ways you never thought possible.  Here in our new book section we will take the time to show plainly what  can be accomplished; just by using your imagination!!


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