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Rare Photos Of Rarest Whale Giving Birth

First of all. Notice they do not tell truth here.. Rarest whale.. only 400 left !! 

Notice the words these scientists use. or Researcher .. what they didn’t tell you is that a right whale is the exact same thing as a Bowhead !! You can change the whole accurate truth by using or inserting words to make the public think something completly different.

and the bowhead population is not in any danger at all, it is one of the hardiest whale populations in the ocean !!  This is why the International Whaling commission ALLOWS the Inupiaq to continue to harvest a very small quota of these animals yearly.. What I want to know, is how is Japan able to harvest a 1000 whales each year, two years in a row ??



SOMETHING NEW.. ..  Something different !!

This Scientific  Organization contacted me today via e-mail,  they  want to use my photograhs & stories !!  I gave them full permission. I do not want or need their money.  I just want to do all that is possible to help in this quest to discover the truth about global  warming or global ‘governance”  that is what I think all this hype is about.  I don’t know, but I do know there are two sides to every story. Two sides to every ‘coin’.  Time will tell.


The Other Side

 This is a MUST to Read & See

April 25th of 2008  Anchorage gets swamped with a snow storm, It has never snowed in Anchorage  this late in the year. ??

Yes the weather is changing, Stronger storms, global warming, !! It is brainwashed and accepted by almost 90% of the world today.  I knew this 40 years ago, people told me I was nutz, radical, and a fanatic.

It is all written out, in the greatest of detail, so precise. in the bible!  Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

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