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Before we talk about salvation I want to talk about being born again. The words born again are used only 3 times in the bible; in John 3:3 and 7, and in 1 Peter 1:23. Why must a person be born again? The answer is, because Jesus commanded it. In John 3:7, Jesus is talking and He says to Nicodemus, “Marvel not that I said unto thee, ye must be born again”. By telling him this, He is telling everyone that they must be born again. Let’s look at verse 1 and see who Nicodemus was. He was a man of the Pharisees. They were the most dedicated to knowing what the truths of the scriptures were. They studied them and taught them. I know that Jesus called them a bunch of hypocrites, but Nicodemus was not one of them. In Matthew 23:3, Jesus says to observe what they say, but don’t do what they do. They were waiting and looking for their Messiah just like any other group, but they were looking for a physical one rather than a spiritual one. If you look in John 2: 24-25, you see that Jesus would not commit Himself to the Pharisees because they were not sincere in their belief of Him. That’s why He called them hypocrites. But, He does commit Himself to Nicodemus. In verse 1, Nicodemus was also called a ruler of the Jews. He was a member of the Sanhedrin, which was a council of 70 elders. Tradition has it that he was 1 of the top 3 leaders of that council. Why all this talk about the man Nicodemus? It is to show us that no matter how high up on the religious ladder a person is, that person needs to be born again, which means to be saved. No one is exempt. In John 3:2, Nicodemus came to Jesus by night and says, we know that you are a teacher come from God. They knew this because of all the miracles Jesus had performed. Notice that he says we. Meaning that the Pharisees believed all of those miracles, but would never admit to anyone else that His power came from God. Nicodemus came by night. The reason for that was that if the other Pharisees found out about him meeting with Jesus, they would have had him excommunicated from the group, the council and the temple. Tradition has it that after he helped with the burial of the body of Jesus, that’s exactly what happened to him. Nicodemus was different than the other Pharisees. He wanted to know who Jesus really was. He knew that He came from God. He was sincere in that belief and Jesus knew that. In verse 3, Jesus answers him with, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. Jesus is saying to this religious leader, that in his way of religion he could not see nor enter nor possess the kingdom of God because he was not born again. God has a way for a person to enter His kingdom. Any person who thinks that they can enter or possess His kingdom in their own way, is sadly mistaken. Being born again is a requirement. In verse 4, Nicodemus asks Jesus how can this happen; can a person jump back into his mother’s womb after he is old? Nicodemus was not thinking in a spiritual way. He was thinking in the physical way. The new birth is spiritual not physical. That was a problem with the Pharisees and most of Israel. They studied their scriptures and looked at them in a natural or physical way and did not see the spiritual message in them. In verse 5, Jesus answered, “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God”. There is much controversy about ‘born of water’. I believe that born of water means the natural or physical birth of a human being. In verse 4, Nicodemus is talking in a physical sense. In verse 6, Jesus is saying, “That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of Spirit is Spirit”. He is talking in the physical and in the spiritual sense. So why in between these 2 verses would He talk only in the spiritual sense? Nicodemus asks Jesus in the physical sense and Jesus answers him in the physical sense first and then adds the spiritual sense to explain the born again. The kingdom of God is made for human beings and not for animals or fallen angels. Many people believe that born of water has to do with water baptism, but I cannot agree with that. First it would be putting the cart before the horse. Water baptism comes after being born again and secondly it paints a different picture. Baptism pictures the death and burial of the old life and resurrection of the believer into a new life in Christ. Born again pictures that a person is already dead and doesn’t have to die a second time. Baptism is an outward display of something that happened inwardly. Again my belief is that in verse 4, Nicodemus asks about the flesh and in verse 5 Jesus answers about the flesh, (born of water), and secondly, spiritually, (born of Spirit). In verse 6, again Jesus talks about flesh first and Spirit second. In verse 7, Jesus says, “Marvel not”, (meaning, don’t be surprised), “ye must be born again”. The idea of being born again does not come from any man’s thoughts, but from Jesus. He says that if we are not born again, we cannot see the kingdom of God. The other scripture, 1 Peter 1:23, says the same thing. We have to be born again from above by the Spirit of God. Read 1 Peter 1. There is so much in that chapter about Jesus and why we are born again. In order to become a child of God, we have to be born again from above. That’s the only way that we can ever look like our Savior and walk in His steps. We cannot do it in the flesh.

The word salvation is used many times in the bible and it has many different meanings. In the Old Testament, in Exodus 14:13, Moses tells the Israelites to stand still and fear not and see the salvation of the Lord. In verses 19-31, the salvation occurs. This is a physical salvation of Israel being saved from the Egyptian army. In 1 Samuel 2:1, Hannah, the mother of Samuel, is praising God for her salvation. It was the birth of her son Samuel and no longer feeling the reproach of being barren. Again a physical salvation after the fact. In 1 Samuel 11:13, we see Saul’s victory in his first battle as king. Again, after the fact of Israel’s victory over the Ammonites. In 1 Samuel 19:5, Jonathan speaks to his father Saul, trying to convince him not to kill David and mentions the great salvation of Israel over the Philistines when David slew Goliath. Again, physical salvation after the fact. The Old Testament has more examples of physical salvation, and they are all on the same principle. The New Testament also has more but salvation in the New Testament is spiritual. In Luke 1:69, Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist, prophesied of the Lord as their Messiah, being raised up, even before He was born. In Luke 2:30, Simeon, a devout man in the temple, waiting for the consolation, (Messiah), of Israel, sees Jesus and thanks God for seeing his salvation. In Luke 2:36-38, Anna the prophetess, in seeing Jesus, gave thanks to God and spoke, to all who were there looking for redemption, of Jesus. In Luke 3:6, John the Baptist says, “All flesh shall see the salvation of God”. What does John mean by see? It is to gaze with eyes wide open at something remarkable, which points to Jesus on the cross. He, (Jesus), is the salvation that we see in Luke 3:6. In John 4, Jesus is talking to a Samaritan woman and in verse 22, He says that salvation is of the Jews. In verse 25, the woman says, “I know that Messiah cometh, which is called Christ: When He is come, He will tell us all things”. In verse 26, Jesus says unto her, “I that speak unto thee am He”. These verses show that Jesus is the Messiah, the Christ and salvation. In Acts 4:12, Peter says, “Neither is there salvation in any other. For there is none other name under heaven given among men, where by we must be saved”. If we look at verse 8, Peter is talking and he is filled with the Holy Spirit. In verse 10, he is talking about Jesus Christ. In chapter 3, Peter and John, when they were going into the temple to pray, healed that impotent man and the people were amazed. Peter explained to them that it was done in the name of Jesus. The Jewish leaders picked up Peter and John because they didn’t want them preaching or teaching or healing in the name of Jesus. They could not deny the miracle, but they did not want the name of Jesus to be a part of it, because they did not want the people to look at Jesus as their Messiah. In Acts 13:23, Paul says, “Of this man’s, (David’s), seed, hath God, according to His promise, raised unto Israel a Saviour: Jesus“. In verse 26, Paul mentions the stock of Abraham and whosoever, (meaning those other than the Jews), is sent the message of salvation. In verse 47, the Lord sent Paul and Barnabas to be lights to the Gentiles by preaching Jesus, for their salvation. In those days, a person was either a Jew or a Gentile. Romans 1:16 says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek, (Gentile)”. The 4 gospels are Jesus Christ, so He is the power and He is also the salvation. I like the way the King James version has 2 words, every one, and not 1 word, ‘everyone’, like the NIV. 2 words are more personal and point to an individual and salvation is on a personal basis, where 1 word points to many. It is always preached and taught that salvation is an individual’s choice. In Romans 10:10, Paul says, “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness: and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation”. Salvation does not come from knowing about what Jesus did on the cross. The world knows that, even though some won’t admit it. It’s not being a church member or coming from a religious family. All those things are head knowledge. It’s heart knowledge that is needed. Head knowledge is physical and heart knowledge is spiritual. It is personally bringing Jesus into an individual’s heart. No one can do it for us. Once we believe in our heart that Jesus is our savior, we receive His righteousness and we witness of Him to God and to others. Remember that Satan knows and believes that Jesus died on that cross, but knowing that does not help him at all. In 1 John 5:1, John says, “Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God”. Many people use the word believeth in this verse and take it out of context. In their use of the word believeth, it does not relate or coincide with what the rest of the bible says. They take the word belief and say, ‘I believe’. This is just something said from their mind, not from their heart. When we talk about heart, we are not talking about the pump that is in our chest, but the seat of our emotions. We have to take this verse with Romans 10:10 to make sure that we don’t come up with a false doctrine from 1 verse. There are many more verses that talk about belief, and that’s why Paul says, in 2 Timothy 2:15, study to show thyself approved unto God and rightly dividing the word of truth. In 2 Peter 1:20, Peter says, “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation”. This does not mean that an individual cannot interpret the scripture, but that we cannot take a verse by itself. It has to agree with what the rest of the scriptures say. In 2 Corinthians 6:2, Paul says, “Now is the day of salvation”. Not tomorrow or the next day, it’s right now. In 1 Thessalonians 5:9-10, Paul says, “For God had not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for us”. The wrath of God is for all those who do not know Jesus as their savior. It is not for the born again believer. In 2 Timothy 2:10, Paul says that salvation is in Christ Jesus. In Hebrews 5:9, the writer says that Jesus became the author of eternal salvation and in 9:26 he says that Jesus put away sin by the death of Himself. In verse 28, He was offered once to bear the sins of many, and for those who look for Him, shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation. Jesus is no longer on the cross, which was physical. In order to get saved, a person has to go to that cross in a spiritual way. Physically, there is only one cross. Spiritually, there is a cross for every human being. In order to be born again, a person has to go to that cross spiritually and accept Jesus as their personal savior. When that happens, Jesus comes down off that cross and that person gets on that cross. Remember, this is spiritual, not physical. In Philippians 3:10, Paul says, “That I may know Him (Jesus), and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformable unto His death;” In Matthew 16:25, Jesus is saying “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it”. We need to take part in His suffering and death as well as His glory. Whenever salvation was used in the Old Testament, it was mostly used for an event in a person’s life or of the nation Israel. In the New Testament, it is always about Jesus. There are other words like ‘redeem’ used. Titus 2:14 says, “Who gave Himself (Jesus) for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity”. In 1 Peter 1:18-19, we see the word redeemed: “Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold, from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers. But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:” In Colossians 1:14, Paul says, “In whom we have redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins”. Ephesians 1:7 says the same thing. All these words of redemption talk about Jesus also. In Luke 24:49 and Acts 1:4, Jesus, talking to His disciples, tells them to wait for the promise of the Father. What is this promise? The answer is in John 14:16. He will send them another comforter who will abide with them forever. Verse 26 says that, He is called the Holy Ghost. In John 15:26, Jesus says, “He will testify of Me”. The Holy Spirit’s job is to testify about Jesus. Not only to the believer, but also to every one who has ever been born since the death of Jesus. In Ephesians 1:12-13, Paul says that we, (those of his group who had first trusted in Christ, with those who also had trusted in Christ after they had heard the truth of the gospel and believed), were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise. All born again believers are sealed or confirmed by the Holy Spirit, and He indwells all of them. In Ephesians 4:30, Paul says that we are sealed unto the day of our redemption. That takes place at our death, or when the Lord returns for us. In Ephesians 2:8-9, Paul says “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast”. What Paul is saying is that there is nothing a person can do to prepare themselves for salvation. God is the one who does everything and it is a gift from Him that we must receive. The gift is Jesus. That’s God’s way to salvation, and there is no other way. Paul says, in Romans 5:10, “For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled, (be no longer opposed), to God by the death of His Son”. Before receiving Jesus, we were enemies of God, but Jesus is the bridge between enemy and friend. In John 14:6, Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me”. Jesus is the way to the Father, and no one can get to the Father except through Him. In John 10:9, Jesus says, ” I am the door: by Me if any man enter in, he shall be saved”. Jesus is also the truth. In John 8:32, Jesus says, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. We see in these verses that Jesus is everything. To get saved, there is no work that we can do for it. The only requirement is accepting Jesus personally. Also, to maintain our salvation, there is nothing we can do. That’s God’s job. In Philippians 1:6, Paul says, “Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” In Hebrews 9:12, the writer says that by His, (Jesus), own blood, He obtained eternal salvation for us. In 1 Peter 1:5, Peter says “Who are kept, (guarded), by the power of God through faith unto salvation”. In verse 9, he says, “receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls”. These verses tell us that God is the one that guards our salvation unto the end, and that’s what we call eternal security. In John 3:16, Jesus says, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. God had a plan and it was for Jesus to come down to earth. Not to condemn the world or judge it, but to save it. To do that, He had to die on the cross. God’s plan was for His Son to die on the cross so that the world could be reconciled to God. In John 3:1-21, Jesus is still talking to Nicodemus, and He explains so much to him. In verse 9, Nicodemus asks Jesus, “How can these things be?” In 1 Corinthians 2:14, Paul says, “But the natural man receiveth not, (does not accept), the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned”. Nicodemus was looking at things in a natural way, as a natural man, even though he was one of the religious leaders in Israel. If we look at things in a natural way, we will not see things in the spiritual way, no matter who we are. Nicodemus kept asking and Jesus explained to him in the spiritual way. The same thing is going on today. The Holy Spirit is telling every human being that they must be born again. We don’t know how long He tries to convert each individual, but for those who have not hardened their heart, He will keep on trying to get that person saved. A person can say no to the Holy Spirit for just so long, then their heart is hardened and then it is too late. The moment you are born again, is the moment you receive salvation. Those of us who Know Jesus, (not just know of Him), believe by faith, that salvation of our souls has already taken place, even though it does not actually happen until we die. Now what are we saved from? ‘The wrath of God’. Hell was created for the fallen angels because of their sin. After Adam’s sin, God had to do something to save mankind. Otherwise, all of mankind would have ended up in hell. So, God sent His Son Jesus to take all of our sins to the cross and take away our punishment. That’s God’s love for us. When Jesus walked the earth, He showed love for everyone, but He also showed righteous wrath in casting out all of the moneychangers and sellers of animals and birds in the temple. That event is recorded in 3 gospels: Matthew 21:13, Mark 11:17 and Luke 19:46. God’s righteous wrath is against all of those who reject His Son as their savior. If you die in that rejection, your final destination is hell. God is love and He sent His Son for our salvation, and God will reject all who reject Jesus. The gift of God is Jesus. but we have to accept that gift. Remember, our churches cannot save us. Neither can our parents, nor how good we may think we are. It is strictly up to the individual. The belief has to come from the heart and not from the head. Just in case all of these verses of scripture haven’t convinced you of the need for an individual making the choice, let’s look at Philippians 3:3-10. Paul says, in verse 3, have no confidence in the flesh. In verse 4, he says, that if anyone could trust in the flesh it would be him. In verse 5, he says, “Circumcised on the eighth day, of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, an Hebrew of the Hebrews; as touching the law a Pharisee:” In verse 6, he says, “Concerning zeal, persecuting the church; touching the righteousness which is in the law, blameless”. There is more in the other verses. So if anyone could rely on anything other than Jesus, it was Paul. But he says that Jesus is the only way. In Romans 10:9, Paul says, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved”. Resurrection is very important. Without knowing that He is alive, we would have no hope of our own resurrection. If Jesus were dead, when we died, there would be no hope of heaven. When we talk about knowing Jesus, it is a personal and an intimate relationship with Him. I have written a lot on being born again, because it is so very important to understand. God has made it very simple for us to accept Jesus. Now, how can a person be born again? They have to admit that they are a sinner, and that they need a savior. They need to confess their sins to God, (naming each sin is not necessary), seek His forgiveness and accept the gift of God, Jesus, as their own personal savior. You can say the prayer whichever way you want, and this prayer leads to being born again in Jesus.

Bill Gauthier

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Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve

In the 1st verse of the Bible, in Genesis 1:1, it says “In the beginning”. There is no way of knowing when that was. It could have been millions of years ago. Time was not recorded, as we now know it, until Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden. That’s when day one began for them and 4004 BC began. God created all things in 6 days and rested on the 7th day. The Bible teaches us that 1 day to God is like a thousand years to us, (2 Peter 3:8). So the time of creation could have been at least 7 thousand years. Some commentaries give the time at less than that. In fact, one of my Bibles, the King James Crusade Analytical Study Edition, gives 4004 BC as the beginning. If you add 4004 BC in the Old Testament as the beginning with 2005 the date now of the New Testament, the total comes to 6009 years since the beginning. The number 4004 in my Bible does not change until chapter 4 when Cain and Abel are born. It then changes to 4003. That would mean that if 4004 BC was the beginning of creation, then Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden before they were on earth for 1 year.
The date changes to 3875 BC in chapter 4:8-17 where Cain slays Abel and he is cast away from the face of God. He tells God that his punishment is greater than he can bear and that every man that finds him will kill him. Then he takes a wife. Where did these people come from? They had to be Adam’s children or grandchildren or even further down the line. When it gets to chapter 5 the date changes back to 4004 because this begins the generation of Adam. The next date change is when Adam is 130 years old and the date is 3874 BC and he had a son and called his name Seth. In 5:4 it states that Adam lived another 800 years and begat sons and daughters. This is the first time any of Adam and Eve’s children are mentioned other than Cain, Abel and Seth. From chapter 5:1 I do not have any problems with the dates, if they begin after Adam was cast out of the Garden. Now let’s get back to creation:
In Genesis 1:1 God creates the heaven and the earth. On the first day He creates Light only, because darkness is already there. Then He separates them and calls them day and night. Between the 1st day and the 6th day He creates almost everything else. On the 6th day He creates all the animals and the creeping things and man.
Bible believers today say that science always proves that the Bible is correct and true. There is a science today, the study of fossils that tells us the age of bones or wood or ferns that they’ve found. In my encyclopedia it says that they have found fossils that were 2, 4, 6 hundred thousand years old and older. I don’t know how they test these fossils to come up with these figures and they may be incredible but they are believable. No matter how we look at the study of fossils and claim it’s not an exact science like computing miles, it is taught to our children in school. When people read the newspapers and see how old these fossils can be, they all (adults and children) get confused when bible believers put a date on creation. 7 days of creation is a period of time, not a collection of 7 ‘24 hour days’.
When God created the sun, moon, stars and the earth and put them into orbit, that was the beginning of night and day, the 24 hour period that we know today. In 1:14 it says night and day were divided for signs and seasons and days and years, not that they were going to be recorded then.
In 1:27 He created man and woman in his own image, which is spiritual. In 2:7 He actually creates man physically. In 2:8 God plants the Garden of Eden and in 2:16-18 He commands Adam that he can eat of every tree of the garden except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for in the day that he eats of it he will die. How will he die? What is this death? A lot of scholars believe that what God was saying was that Adam’s punishment for eating the fruit would be physical death. What God meant was that Adam’s punishment for eating the fruit would be to die spiritually. Dying physically, is not the punishment for Adam having eaten of the fruit, it is the result. What does this mean? Because Adam ate of the fruit, sickness and disease entered into this world. Aging of the body, which leads to death, also began. These things happened because Adam sinned. It was not the punishment for the sin.
In 2:15 God puts Adam in the garden to cultivate it, and in 2:19 God forms every beast of the field and the birds of the air and brings them to Adam to name them. How long this took I don’t know but there was no rush because he had forever to do it. In seeing all these animals mated, Adam probably was thinking, ‘how come I don’t have a mate’? Anyway, God sees that and knows that Adam needs a mate. There is no way of knowing how much time has gone by but it could have been many, many years.
In 2:22, God made the woman, and brought her to Adam. This is the first marriage ceremony, the father bringing the woman and presenting her to the man and they become husband and wife.
Between 2:25 and 3:1 there is another time period. I don’t know how long this one is either but I believe it could have also been many years. In 1:28 God tells the man and the woman to be fruitful and multiply and replenish, (fill), the earth. With this command from God, there is no way that He would shut up her womb or that they would abstain from sex. So I believe that they had many children in the garden. There are only three children mentioned in the beginning. After Adam is cast out of the garden, Cain, Abel and Seth are mentioned and there are reasons for that and I will talk about that later.
In chapter 3:1 the temptation begins. I believe that Eve was by herself at this time because if Adam had been there he would have stopped her. In all this time Satan had tried to tempt Adam and failed. The Bible does not relate that. ‘Don’t you think that if Satan would tempt Jesus, he would also tempt everyone else including Adam’? To get to Adam he uses Eve. Eve was not the primary target. Adam was. This is because the command not to eat of that fruit was given to him. So Eve is tempted and she eats of the fruit and nothing happens. The fruit looks good and tastes good, so she runs to Adam and tells him that she ate of the fruit and nothing happened to her. She is still alive, so he also eats of the fruit. Once he eats of the fruit, their eyes are opened and they see that they are naked. Remember, this is the tree of knowledge and seeing their nakedness is a result of eating from the tree. Now they cover themselves with fig leaves. I don’t know what their thoughts were regarding nudity. It wasn’t that they were trying to hide from each other. They were hiding from God because Adam had done wrong. It was also possible that they wanted to hide their nakedness from their children. Why didn’t this happen to Eve when she first took a bite? It is because the command was given only to Adam. Adam changed God’s command and told Eve that she could not ‘Touch’ the tree. God never told Adam that he could not touch the tree.
We can see that they did not die physically because they were still walking around, and their soul did not die because they were still thinking, so what did die? It was the spirit of God in man, not the Holy Spirit. If you go back to 1:27, God created man in His own image, which is the spirit of God in man. In 2:7 God forms man from the dust of the earth and that is the body that houses the spirit. Then He breathes into him and he becomes a living soul, which means that he is alive. The soul is everything in man that is not physical, like pride, thought, will and anything else, and this is the spirit of man in man. Every human being is made up of 3 parts, body, soul and spirit. The soul is also spirit but it would be confusing to say man is made of 3 parts, body, spirit and spirit.
Getting back to dying from eating of the fruit: a lot of scholars believe that instead of living forever, Adam was going to die someday. When Adam ate the fruit, which for him was a sin, he introduced sickness, disease and the aging process into humanity. The body would not live forever but die from sickness, disease, or old age. That is the result of sin, not the punishment. What I mean by ‘the result of sin’ is that because he sinned, these things started to happen. If dying physically was the punishment for sin, how could God bring two men to heaven without dying? In God we have a righteous judge and He could never bring Enoch (Genesis 5:24) and Elijah (2 Kings 2:11) to Heaven without physically dying if the punishment for eating the fruit were to be physical death. So physical death cannot be the punishment for Adam’s sin. So what died? The spirit of God in man!!
When I became a Christian, I became born again and the Holy Spirit quickened my ‘spirit’. Quickened, means to make alive. That’s the rebirth. At that time I was physically alive and my soul was also alive because I was still thinking, so what was dead in me was the ‘spirit of God’ in me. Now the spirit of God is alive in me. The Holy Spirit dwells in me. In John 3:3 Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must be born again, not physically (body) or mentally (soul) but spiritually (spirit).
Going back to Genesis 3:9, God calls out to Adam and Adam says he hid himself because he was naked. God asked Adam, “Who told YOU that? Have YOU eaten of the tree that I commanded YOU to not eat of”? So Adam blames God for giving him the woman who gave him the fruit. So God says to the woman, “what have you done”? He is not asking about eating the fruit but in bringing it to Adam. So she answers that the serpent tricked her and she ate of the fruit. Then God told the serpent that it would crawl on its belly all the days of its life. God tells Eve that in childbirth she would have sorrow and pain in her pregnancy. I believe that up until this point she had many children without any pain or problems in pregnancy or delivery. Otherwise this curse would mean nothing to her. The second part of the curse was that her desire would be to her husband and he would rule over her. Why this curse? It is because she didn’t listen to Adam on her own. She had a will of her own and decided not to listen to Adam. Just like children today. They have a will of their own and lots of times decide not to listen to their parents. Now the curse says that she would have to obey him. God says to Adam, “Because you hearkened unto the voice of your wife and ate of the tree”. Notice the difference. When God talks to the woman, He never mentions anything about eating of the fruit, but with Adam it’s always mentioned. The curse for Adam was that he would have all kinds of problems with the ground. It would not produce like it did before. Now he would have to sweat in his work for it to produce.
Like I said before there is no mention of any children until Cain and Abel. Why only these two? Let’s look at Israel in the Promised Land at the battle of Jericho, (Joshua 7:24-25). Achan takes things that God had said not to take and we see what happened to him. In the beginning of the Christian church, (Acts 5:1-10), we read of Ananias and Sapphira who lied about the donation of money to the apostles and we see what happened to them. This is God showing the Israelites and the first century church that they cannot go against what He commands. It’s the same way with Cain and Abel. They were the beginning of man’s walk on earth after being cast out of the garden. The slaying of Abel was the result of Adam’s sin in the garden. All 3 sins were committed in secret but the sin found them out. That’s why Cain and Abel are mentioned.
In 4:25 Adam and Eve have another son and they call him Seth. Why is he the only one mentioned here? It is because he is in the line of Jesus. There are 2 genealogies in the gospels. The first one is in the gospel of Matthew. He is writing to the Hebrews. In 1:1 it says ‘the book of the generation of Jesus Christ’. The genealogy begins with Abraham and goes through King David to Joseph the husband of Mary. This is to show the Hebrews that Jesus was a Hebrew from Abraham and in the line of King David, so that He could be a king. In 2 Samuel 7:12-16, David is promised by God through Nathan the prophet that David’s house and his Kingdom and throne will be established forever.
The second genealogy is in the gospel of Luke and he is writing to the gentiles about Jesus the Man. In 3:23 the genealogy starts at Jesus. This is the line of Mary. This genealogy goes backwards through King David and Abraham all the way back to Adam. Luke wants to prove to the gentiles that Jesus was a man. From King David, Matthew’s genealogy goes through Solomon. Luke’s goes through Nathan. Both of these men were sons of King David. This is why Seth is mentioned. Without Seth there is no connection between Jesus and Adam.
I believe that before Adam ate of the fruit, animals lived together in harmony and that they were vegetarians. The birds also had no problems. The land was beautiful and produced abundantly. That was not only in the garden, but it was all over the earth. After Adam of ate the fruit, everything changed. The land, animals, birds and people all changed. We see the result of the change today. Some humans, animals and birds are predators. In The ‘beginning’ there were no predators. In reading all that I have written, if you accept it, that’s good. If not, that’s all right too. Study this part of scripture and if you have a question about this, ask me! If you don’t know me, ask the person who gave it to you and they can ask me.

Bill Gauthier
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Covenents 3

Covenants 3

NEW Covenant
The New Covenant is the fulfillment of all the covenants from the Adamic Covenant to the Davidic Covenant, which were all temporary covenants. The words of this covenant are found in the 4 Gospels, the Acts and all the Epistles from Romans to Jude and also Revelation. In other words, the New Testament. This covenant began with the nation of Israel. In Romans 1:16, Paul says that the gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation to all who believe: to the Jew first and also to the Greek. The covenant began with Israel but was not to stop there. The Adamic Covenant was made after the sin of Adam and redemption was needed for humanity. The Noahic Covenant was for the same reason. The Abrahamic Covenant to the Davidic Covenant had been made with the chosen nation Israel in mind. The New Covenant fulfills all of them and in this covenant we are brought face to face with redemption. The New Covenant was prophesied in Jeremiah 31:31-33. In the New Covenant, Jesus fulfills all of the Messianic promises that were given in the other covenants. Also, through the cross, Jesus abolished the temporary elements of the other covenants, such as the Aaronic priesthood and all of the animal sacrifices. Jesus is the seed of the woman in the Adamic Covenant and also the seed in the Abrahamic Covenant. Jesus abolished physical circumcision from the Abrahamic Covenant and made circumcision of the heart ‘spiritual’ in the New Covenant. In Romans 15:8, Paul tells us that Jesus was made a minister to the Jews to confirm the promises made to the patriarchs. In Galatians 3:8, Paul tells us that the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the gentiles by faith, preached the gospel in advance to Abraham. The chief blessing of the New Covenant is the salvation of the soul. Included in the meaning of the word salvation, is, “safety”, “security”, “preservation”, “deliverance”, and “wholeness”. Paul tells us in Ephesians 1:3 that salvation is a spiritual blessing that Jesus came to bring us from God. The following benefits are made possible spiritually by this great salvation:
(1 Pardon: Forgiveness and remission of the penalty of sin; [Acts 10:43 and 13:38-39]. The Old Covenant simply covered forgiven sin. The New Covenant provides cleansing for forgiven sin: [1 John 1:7-9].
(2 Justification: Declaring that we are righteous and in right standing before God; [Romans 3:24-26]. The Mosaic Covenant law could not make a person just: [Romans 3:19-20].
(3 Regeneration: By which one is born again into the family of God; [John 3:1-5 and 1 Peter 1:23].
(4 Assurance: Whereby one has the witness of the Spirit that he or she is secure; [Hebrews 6:10-12].
(5 Sanctification: Whereby one is set apart unto the Lord; [John 17:17, 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 and Ephesians 5:26-27].
(6Adoption: Whereby one is placed as a son in the family of God; [Romans 8:15,23 and Galatians 4:5].
(7 Glorification: This is the final work of redemption in the perfected saint; [Romans 8:17,30 and 2 Corinthians 3:18].
While He was on the earth, Jesus, in His ministry, went about preaching and teaching in their synagogues, the gospel of the kingdom of God. Healing was also a part of His ministry: [Matthew 4:23-24]. The church is to be the instrument that Jesus uses today to bring the gospel of the kingdom to all nations: [Matthew 28:18-20]. There are many verses in the book of Acts that say that the church was fulfilling this command. With the preaching and teaching of the gospel by the disciples, many persons were born into the kingdom of God and were added to His church: [Acts 2:41-47, 5:14 and 11:24]. We have been delivered from the power of darkness unto the kingdom of God: [Colossians 1:13-14]. A big problem in the church today is tradition versus the word of God: [Matthew 15:1-9 and Mark 7:1-13]. I know a lot of people are going to say that, “that had to do with the Pharisees”, but it is the same in all the Christian churches today. We have more pharisaical type people in our churches now than what they had in all of Judaism in the time of Jesus. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is prophesied in Ezekiel 36:25-27 and confirmed in Hebrews 10:22. Jesus promised us the Holy Spirit in John 7:37-39, 14: 16-17, 15:26 and 16:7-15. The fulfillment of this promise began in Acts chapters 2,10 and11, where both Jew and gentile were baptized in the Holy Spirit. The healing ministry of the Messiah, (Christ), was prophesied in Isaiah 53:4-5 and confirmed in Matthew 8:16-17 and 1 Peter 2:24. There are many acts of healing by Jesus in the 4 gospels. Healing is a blessing from God in the New Covenant that began with Jesus and the apostles and the disciples and on down to us. Miracles are also a blessing of the New Covenant and we find that in 1 Corinthians 12:10. As we read in 1 Corinthians 12:1-13, there are many more gifts listed. The New Covenant also has a blessing of deliverance. In all my studies I have come to the conclusion that a born again believer in Jesus Christ cannot be possessed by a demon or the devil. We have the Holy Spirit living in us and there is no way that the Holy Spirit and a demon can abide in the same place. We cannot mix Israel with the church. They just don’t mix. Israelites could be possessed by demons because the Holy Spirit did not indwell them. But, He does the born again believer. So, what is the deliverance? It is from the power of any sin like pornography, adultery, coveting, lust and all the rest. We have the power to cast out demons from any unbeliever: [Acts 16:16-18]. The New Covenant gives us the blessing of resurrection. Daniel prophesied of it in Daniel 12:13 and Hosea in Hosea 13:14 and Job in Job 19:25-27 and Jesus taught and demonstrated that He was the resurrection and the life in John 5:28-29 and 11: 25-26 and 43-44. Another blessing is of eternal life: [1 John 5:11-12]. Some of the curses in the other covenants are still in affect and some others have been done away with. In the New Covenant there are 3 main curses: The curse of the Jewish nation; Jesus ministered to them in the power of God, showing many signs and wonders, but they rejected Him and had Him crucified. Matthew 27:24-25 tells us that Pilate washed his hands and claimed that he was innocent of the shedding of the innocent blood of Jesus. The Jewish nation answered that His blood would be on their heads and the heads of their children. The curse of the Jewish nation cannot be lifted from “each individual” until “they” accept the blood of Jesus for cleansing. The curse of the wicked nations; all nations have rejected Jesus as savior. Romans 1:18-32 explains all of the reasons for this curse on the nations. The last is the eternal curse. This curse of curses is executed at the Great White Throne Judgment when all who have rejected Jesus will be cast into the lake of fire: [Matthew 25:41 and Revelation 20:11-15]. The New Covenant is a covenant of ‘grace’ rather than ‘works’ and it depends on ‘faith’ above ‘works’. The terms of this covenant are repentance and obedience. Repentance is the first step in coming to God: [Matthew 3:1-2, 6-12 and 4:17 and Acts 17:30 and 26:20]. Genuine repentance is changing direction and turning to God. Faith is the channel through which we receive the blessings: [Ephesians 2:8, Hebrews 11:6, John 3:16 and Ephesians 1:1-3]. The second step is Obedience. In all of the teachings of Jesus in the gospels, He laid down many conditions and obedience is the key: [Hebrews 5:8-9 and John 14:15 and 15:10]. The Mosaic Covenant required ‘legal’ obedience, The New Covenant requires ‘loving’ obedience: [1 John 3:22-24]. Jesus left us many commandments, but in Matthew 22:37-40, He breaks it down into 2. Love God and love your neighbor. All the commandments are summarized in the word love: [1 John 5:3, 2 John 6 and Romans 13:8-10]. Jesus, by His death on the cross, fulfills all the requirements of the Levitical law in the Mosaic Covenant. God was very particular about the body and blood of those animal victims. Their bodies had to be without blemish and without spot and they had to be disposed of in a certain manner. After the blood was used, it had to be disposed of in a certain manner also. Jesus fulfilled all of these requirements. The blood of this covenant is the blood of Jesus. From His blood we receive spiritual words: (1 Atonement: [Romans 5:11]. This means that we receive the blessings of the recovered favor of God. (2 Propitiation: [Romans 3:25 and 1 John 2:2 and 4:10. One of the meanings is “Mercy Seat”. According to the Mosaic Covenant, once a year the High Priest sprinkled blood on it and the blood became a covering for sin. In the New Covenant the blood of Jesus is not sprinkled on the Mercy Seat, but becomes a fountain of blood and all who come to Jesus are washed in that blood. His blood is an expiation of sin. In other words, the sin expires. It dies. Another meaning for propitiation is mercy. “For God so loved the world”: [John 3:16]. That is the whole world and that is a provision that no one is, by Divine pre-determination, excluded from the blood of Jesus. (3 Substitution: There is no word ‘substitute’ or ‘substitution’ in the bible. Romans 5:8 and 1 Peter 3:18 show us that God sent Jesus to the cross to die for our sins so that we would not have to die. If that is not substitution, I don’t know what is. Jesus died so that we could live. (4 Redemption: Colossians 1:14 tells us that we have been set free. Redeem means to buy back and that is what Jesus did for us. We had the penalty of death on our heads because of sin and Jesus took that penalty on Himself to redeem us. Read verse 13. It tells us that we are translated to the kingdom of Jesus. We are transferred or carried away from the kingdom of this world to the kingdom of God. (5 Ransom: In Exodus 21:30, a sum of money is laid upon the owner of an ox that had gored someone. If the owner is not stoned, he has to pay a ransom of a sum of money laid on him for his life. In the New Testament: Matthew 20:28, Mark 10:45 and 1 Timothy 2:5-6, God has put a price on the head of men and women because of sin and that price is death. No one is exempt because all have sinned. There is no money involved in the ransom of humanity. In order to save humanity, a human sacrifice had to be made. Jesus is the Lamb of God who gave His life for the ransom of all. There is one stipulation. We have to accept His blood and be washed by it to cleanse us from our sin. Jesus paid the ransom price that God set for our salvation. (6 Reconciliation: 2 Corinthians 5:18-21 and Hebrews 2:17 tell us, that by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we who believe upon Him, are, by God’s own act, delivered from justly deserved death and made friends with God and children of God, whereby we can call Him Father. All of these words give us a bigger picture of what the blood of Jesus accomplished. In Matthew 26:26-28, Mark 14:22-24 and Luke 22:19-20, at the Last Supper, Jesus establishes an ordinance for the church, that we call “Communion” or “The Lord’s Table”. To be able to understand communion we have to look at the ordinance of Passover which was established by God for the Jewish nation in Exodus 12:43. There was also a time and a date set aside for keeping it: [Leviticus 23:5 and Numbers 9:2-3]. In Exodus 12:7-13, the Israelites had to take the blood of the sacrificial lamb and put it on the lintel and the doorposts of their houses so that the death angel would pass over them. The death angel passed over them, but slew all of the first born of Egypt, because there was no blood on their doors. All of the Israelites had blood on their doors, because there is no record of any of them dying. In verses 9-10, they were also told to eat all of the sacrificial lamb. Even though this took place before the Mosaic Covenant was given, it is considered part of it, part of the law. From the Old Testament Passover we go to the New Testament Passover. At the Last Supper, Jesus and His apostles were celebrating the Jewish feast of Passover. They were eating the lamb that had been slain and all the other ingredients that were required in that Passover meal. While they were still eating of that meal, Jesus took bread and blessed it and broke it and gave it to the apostles and said, “Take, eat, this is my body”. He then took the cup of wine and gave thanks and gave it to the apostles saying, “Drink ye all of it, for this is my blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins”. From this, we get our “Communion Service” or whatever various churches call it. Everything that Jesus had done in His 3 year ministry was to prepare His disciples for the transition from the Old Covenant (Law), to the New Covenant (Grace), from the old Passover to the new Passover. In 1 Corinthians 5:7, Paul tells us that Jesus is our Passover. In John 1:29 and 36, John the Baptist calls Jesus “the Lamb of God”. Also in verse 29, John says, “Which taketh away the sin of the world”. What John is saying, is that Jesus was God’s sacrificial lamb. The Communion Service should be a powerful service, but it is not. Why is that? Because we are conducting that service in man’s way and not in God’s way. The problem is that theologians and scholars have robbed us of the way that Communion should be held. Jesus has said “take, eat, this is my body” and, “drink, this is my blood”. They say you can’t do that, because it is cannibalism. But that is not what God says. In the middle of eating the Jewish Passover, Jesus instituted the Christian Passover. As in the Jewish Passover, where they ate the sacrificial lamb, the Christian Passover calls for us to eat the sacrificial lamb and that lamb is Jesus. In a Communion Service, what are the people thinking of when they eat the cracker or the bread? Probably, they are thinking of how small or how stale it is or their sins or the cross or so many other things. In 1 Corinthians 11:23-25, Paul tells us in verse 24 that Jesus took bread and gave thanks and broke it and said, “Take, eat, this is my body, which is broken for you. This do in remembrance of Me”. Then Paul tells us in verse 25 that after the same manner Jesus took the cup saying, “This cup is the New Testament in My blood. This do ye, as often as ye drink it, in remembrance of Me”. Jesus told them this at the Jewish Passover, which was a physical feast. He sat before them and they did not eat of His body or drink of His blood because He was pointing them to a time after the cross. Jesus was showing them physically what they would have to do spiritually to remember Him after His death. When Jesus died on the cross, it was the Christian Day of Atonement where the blood of Jesus was brought to heaven to the Holy of Holies, God’s throne, by the High Priest Melchisedek and presented to God. Jesus died for the sins of the world, but in order to receive that atonement and Passover, an individual must receive Jesus as his or her personal savior. We have gone from the physical in the Old Testament to the spiritual in the New Testament. So, what is the Communion Service about? It is remembering the broken body and shed blood of Jesus, and we do that by eating His body and drinking His blood. Spiritually I can eat the body of Jesus and drink His blood because that is what He has told us to do. So, if we listen to Jesus we can and will, but if we listen to man we won’t. If any individual goes into a Communion Service with what Jesus said in mind, it will become a powerful service for that person. The service in the church will not be powerful until the congregation gets involved in it. The only thing that makes a person worthy of taking Communion is, that he or she has to know Jesus as their personal savior. The Last Supper contains 2 feasts, the old Passover where an animal was sacrificed and eaten, and the new Passover where the Lord Jesus is sacrificed and eaten. In the old, the lamb that was eaten disappeared. In the new, the Lamb of God, Jesus, remains intact forever. He never disappears. We have to remember that the blood of Jesus is the most important element in the bible and we can’t let anyone take it away from us. Without the blood of Jesus there is nothing, we are nothing. There are events in the Mosaic Covenant that prefigure events in the New Covenant. One of them is the Day of Atonement, physical in the Old and spiritual in the New. In the Old, a new animal had to be sacrificed each year, but in the New, Jesus was sacrificed once and that was forever. The bible tells us in Matthew 27:51, Mark 15:38 and Luke 23:45, that when Jesus died on the cross, the veil separating the Holy Place from the Holy of Holies was torn in two. In Hebrews 10:19-20, the bible says that the flesh of Jesus is now the veil. In the Old, when the veil was torn, all priest could enter the Holy of Holies and in the New, all born again believers in Jesus Christ can enter the Holy of Holies, which is the throne of God, because we have been made priest. As such, we can pass through the veil, JESUS, and enter into the throne of God. Physical sacrifices are out, but God requires in us, spiritual sacrifices: Righteousness, in Psalm 4:5. Joy, in Psalm 27:6. A broken and contrite spirit: in Psalm 51:17. Thanksgiving, in Psalm 107:22 and 116:17. Our bodies a living sacrifice, in Romans 12:1-2. Praise: in Hebrews 13:15. To do good and fellowship: in Hebrews 13:16. The fatherly and Aaronic and Levitical priesthood of the Old Testament was fulfilled in the New Covenant order of Melchisedek. All of the Old Testament priest died but in the New Covenant order, Jesus and Melchisedek never die. We are also priest in that order: [Hebrews, chapters 5,6,7]. In contrast to Moses and Aaron and all Old Testament priest who were sinful and needed redemption, Jesus is a sinless priest who does not need redemption. He is the redeemer: [2 Corinthians 5:21]. Jesus is a divine human priest as shown in John 1:1-3 and Hebrews 2:17. As a divine human priest, Jesus is the perfect mediator of this covenant. A true mediator has to understand perfectly, the parties that need reconciliation. Moses and all of the Old Testament priest could understand man’s part but could not fully understand God’s part. Jesus as a divine priest could fully understand God’s part, and as a human priest, He can fully understand man’s part also, to bring reconciliation between a Holy God and a sinful man. There is a sanctuary in the New Covenant. If we look in all of the other covenants, from Adam to Jesus, they all had physical sanctuaries. When any of the Old Testament patriarchs built an altar for sacrifice to God, it was considered a sanctuary. It was physical because man built it. The sanctuary in the New Covenant is spiritual. Heaven is where God dwells and it is the Most Holy of all places. Most pictures that we see of heaven are of what is called the Pearly Gates. Usually, someone is there checking people in. That’s false. There are no Pearly Gates, but there is a ‘door’. The Old Testament gives us a picture of the veil that separated the 2 chambers in the Tabernacle. This was a physical veil. In the New Covenant, that physical veil becomes a spiritual veil. The flesh of Jesus has become that veil. In heaven, there is a ‘door’ to enter in, and Jesus, as the veil, has also become that ‘door’. There is no other entrance into heaven. All born again believers in Jesus Christ have become priest and are able to pass through that veil. We are spiritual priest after the order of Melchisedek, just like Jesus. Again, that is spiritual. We read in Matthew 7:21-23 and Luke 13:25-27, of people knocking on the door and saying, ‘Lord let us in’, and Jesus replying, ‘Depart, I never knew you’. Jesus is the veil to the believer and the door to the unbeliever. There is a gate and a door. The gate is found in Matthew 7:13-14 and Luke 13:24. These verses in Matthew and Luke give us a picture of what happens at the door. There is a difference between gate and door. An easy way to picture it would be to picture a house with a fence around it. The opening to that enclosure would be called a ‘gate’ and the opening into the house would be called a ‘door’. Anyone wanting to see someone in the house can enter the gate without knocking, but they have to knock on the door to be allowed in the house. There is a broad way and a narrow way. Most people understand that the unsaved enter the broad way, but they do not understand the narrow way. Most people believe that the only ones who enter the strait gate and walk that way are Christians. That is not the case. In all of the Christian churches, there are people who look like Christians, talk like Christians and act like Christians, but they are not Christians. Those people have entered the narrow way and are walking on their journey side by side with the Christians. When the journey is over (death) for both parties, they come to the door of heaven. Jesus is that door. For the born again believer, Jesus is the veil, and as priest we can go through the veil into heaven. The unbeliever is met by Jesus, the door. When they knock on that door, Jesus tells them that He never knew them and that they cannot enter in. It is too late for them. The seal of this covenant is the Holy Spirit. We can find that in Ephesians 1:13-14 and 2 Corinthians 1:22. In Hebrews 13:20, the bible tells us that this covenant is everlasting, [in the King James version], and eternal, [in the NIV]. So, when we talk about the blood of Jesus in this covenant, the blood never goes away. It is forever. The fountain of blood never runs dry. I want to say one more thing about the blood of Jesus. A Christian belief is that we have been washed in the blood of Jesus. In other words, we have taken a bath in His blood, and that bath has washed away all our sins. This is spiritual. If we can believe that, then why can’t we believe that we can drink His blood at a Communion Service, spiritually?

Bill Gauthier

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