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Should each be held accountable for slander; liable and the unprofessional manner in which they reported this news event.  The public was furious and more hatred and racist remarks were  the norm, as comments poured in for 8  pages full of pure hatred.

Now the truth is finally out for all to soon hear and see.

Caribou found shot near Point Hope

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska State Troopers are investigating the killing of dozens of caribou near Point Hope.
Mayor Steve Oomittuk says about 40 animals were shot and left to rot in nearby mountains between Point Hope and Kivalina.
Troopers spokeswoman Beth Ipsen confirms that officers are investigating.

But she says the agency promised village officials it would keep the case quiet until the investigation is complete to ensure their cooperation.
Point Hope is a Chukchi Sea community of about 700 people 330 miles southwest of Barrow.
Oomittuk says the slaughter will not be tolerated and steps must be taken to make sure that residents’ subsistence lifestyle is protected.