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Our Dishonorable President needs a “discharge”!

Dishonorable discharge needed 4 Obama

The horror of watching & listening to a traitor to the American People! ARREST OBAMA FOR TREASON right now! The Liar-In-Chief has disrespected the “office”- The most transparent administration in history is a complete fabrication and fraud and the main stream media is bought & paid for by the people in charge of Leading this country down the WRONG PATH! Tell the Truth! .. Obama has FAILED miserably again & again and has to resort to the childish habit of DECEPTION

Why is so hard or difficult to admit the truth?  They don’t want to end up in Jail for their TREASON

Coward – In – Chief


Arrest this clown for TREASON

What is “truth”?


More than 1 billion 7 hundred million pages to sort through, to figure out – What is truth? – Is it that difficult to find out the simple  truth ?  No! All one has  to do is – look!  Look at how a simple cell functions – Right there is all the proof you need to discern the simple truth!  An Electric Motor doesn’t just happen!  It requires certain design principles to function properly – Yet this “motor” is present in every single  “simple cell”!   The information content of a simple cell has been estimated as . . . comparable to about 100 million pages of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.1    A simple cell: is 100,000,000 times more complicated than any “factory” in the entire world present day!  In fact: a simple cell is a full fledged “factory” of sorts;  It contains an import / export function; It has “quality assurance” error correction & an army to ward off infections, just to name a few of the “departments”.  A cell is highly organized.  We have not even one documented experiment or in nature to duplicate such a feat!   Perfect order is not the result of total chaos (big bang). Belief in the tooth fairy has more merit.  When we look into the animal kingdom we can clearly see that “evolution” is not possible. Not according to the theory of the origins of species.    Dead Animals cannot evolve!  In other words; the “first giraffe” had to be prefect or it would not have survived to re-produce.  When we “study” the insides of that animals circulation system – we are amazed at the forethought of the intricate design & safety features which enable a giraffe to “drink water”.  According to the laws of physics – Any giraffe would die almost instantly when lowering his head to take a drink of water.  The blood pressure would literally cause a rupture in the brain. As he lowers his head – two check values if you will – close to stop  the flow of blood to the head, A special reservoir fills with enough blood to feed  the brain, eyes and other areas in his head.  Once his head is raised these two valves open again and the reservoir empties.  That “design” didn’t happen by accident – Study the “woodpecker” – The first one would have been “blinded” as soon as his beak started to hammer away at that wood.  The force would literally pop his eyes out if it were not for a very special design feature!






What is truth ? .. ..

Those famous words have been echoing all throughout history down through  the ages!

Perhaps one of the many  documented accounts we have; was a Roman Governor – (Pilate)

A young boy long ago asked Socrates the exact same question:

These words & actions are forever etched in history as a stark reminder.

Today – We are presented “truth” in one of two different ways:  The most popular world view we have today (which is backed by some scientists ) is that: Nothing (exploded) and created everything with no (meaningful) purpose. Everything “evolved” by itself – – over many billions of years.  The Second view is  that God created the heavens & the earth exactly as recorded in the bible.

In six days is a book written by 50 scientists – of all fields in Science –  that  prove using their expertise that the Genesis account is 100% accurate.  Everything was created in 6 literal 24 hour days!

What is the point of all of this ?  YOU – are not an accident.. You have  purpose in life.. ..There is a huge difference between good & evil – between light & darkness – !! We are soon going to see first hand just what that difference is…!   The world is in absolute turmoil – The money crisis is global – the rampart corruption & deceit is global.  All of the Major countries in the world today are trying in vain (to null & void) an agreement – a covenant-  a PROMISE  that God made with Abraham, Issac & Jacob.

ISRAEL!!   “rise up and shine” !!






I need YOUR help!

Walk up to any ‘stranger’ on the street.  Say those words… I need your help! for ($), (A job), (A car) etc. You already know what will happen.  They will just walk away. You won’t receive anything.

There is however just one person who will stop &  take the time to listen; and give you exactly what you asked for!

That person’s name is Jesus Christ!  He made many thousands of promises.  Each of them requires you to do something simple.   Believe, Obey,Trust & Spend time with HIM, –  LEARNING… .. His Words.

YOU, have absolutely nothing to loose by sitting @  HIS feet and listening to What HE has to Say!

Don’t put this off.  It is the most important decision you will ever make in your life. For it is that decision which will lead to eternal life (for accepting HIM into your life) or Eternal damnation for refusing  HIS free Gift of Salvation for YOU!

The Choice is all yours to make!  Jesus is about to return very soon.  Keep your eyes on Israel – That is God’s time piece as to the imminent Return of Jesus Christ.   The time is at hand.  It is time to get ready.