Learn the way of the Eskimo COME out on the ocean ice, and see and learn the way of the Inupaq peoples. Living out on the ocean ice, we sleep outside at temps of minus 50 below zero. All this work,just so we can eat, and enjoy our favorite food, we have no super markets here in the Arctic. So we hunt for our food all the time since the begining of time memorial long past.

HISTORY OF:Point Hope, dates back to over 2,600 years ago. Point Hope is THE OLDEST CONTINUALLY inhabited settlement or village in all of NORTH AMERICA. Life can accurately be traced back to many thousands of years ago

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Above chasing a bowhead whale at 40 below zero in fridgid arctic waters of the Chukchi Sea in the Bering Striat. The image below is an old ruin that no lnger remains Ada boat. This famous boat made deliveries - Kotzebue to Point Hope long ago.
Kamaktoak is a Cermonial site, used for Whaling Festival held each June. This 3 day festival features visitors from around the world and from all villages in Alaska. Food, fun, games and much more. visit and see the pics'
Jawbones from whales of long ago. This is a burial site of the last chief of Point Hope. Atangora, who had six wives and took another man's wife for #7 and was murdered.The image below is of an "iglu" this is the typical manner & dwelling place of Eskimos of the arctic region of Alaska years ago
Children chasing a bowhead whale Easter Sunday in Point Hope. that moring as I WAS walking along the village I came across these children playing out side on the village land in a bathtub, chasing a bowhead whale.


OUT ON THE OCEAN ICE.. the animals are plentiful, ducks, seals walrus orguk beluga & the mighty bowhead whale,Life out on the ocean ice it truely amazing indeed with an abudance of ducks people ice and lots of trash to take back to town, this is the life whaing for our favorite food miles out on the ocean ice, BEWARE polar bears are all around us AND THEY ARE dangerous and very unpredictable.
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