His name.. is Wally Tingook from Point Hope Alaska.

When the sky is very overcast it is extremely difficult to see changes in the ocean ice surface when traveling by snow-machine, especially at very high rates of speed.

It was just such a day when Wally went hunting and started traveling across the ice to hunt for seal, when his machine hit a 'wall" of ice and smashed the windshield which in turn severed much of his nose.

Injured and bleeding and a snow machine that was quite broken up, Wally managed to pack his nose in snow and somehow got his machine to hobble back to the village.
When he entered the small clinic in Point Hope the two Inupiat Eskimo health aids were quite shocked to see his condition which was quite bloody on his clothing and all over his face.
The two women were in total chaos trying to figure out what to do.. Wally yelled.. "hold the mirror"!… and with dental floss and a needle..
He sewed it on by himself …with no medication!!

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